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    Issue 19/2022 - The new laser-welded polycarbonate is successfully launched

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    On September 20, AVNT announced the addition of a new laser-welded polycarbonate (PC) grade to its EdgetekTM specialty thermoplastic portfolio
    This new formulation can be applied to small home appliances, personal care products, consumer electronics, healthcare equipment and industrial electronics
    It helps manufacturers achieve high-fastness, particle- and tumor-free welding results in the production of thin-walled parts, meeting increasingly complex design structures and increasing aesthetic standards
    for users.
    In addition to weldability, the new product offers excellent flame retardancy, high impact and high flowability to meet the unique needs of
    a wide range of applications.


    The key to the quality of plastic laser welding lies in the transmittance and absorption rate
    of the components for laser energy.
    In general, flame retardants and colorants reduce the laser transmittance of materials, so that the material can absorb less energy during the welding process, which may reduce the welding strength
    This new EdgetekTMPC laserwelding formulation contains four grades to meet the critical need for laser light transmittance and is available in pre-colored or flame retardant formats
    without compromising the mechanical properties of the weld joint.
    This portfolio provides strong, uniform weld strength with aesthetics


    Avante laser welding materials are available in a variety of
    different base resins.
    These materials are currently produced in Asia and are available
    Avante can also provide on-site technical support to help manufacturers get the most out of these new materials

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