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    Issue 21/2020 - Salt burning technology "eradicates" lime kiln nodulation

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    Recently, the application of soda ash lime kiln salt burning technology developed by Shandong Haihua soda ash plant has made a breakthrough, the working condition of the lime kiln is more stable, the activity of ash milk is significantly improved, and the problem of lime kiln nodulation industry has been effectively solved

    Lime kiln nodulation has always been a major problem
    in the ammonia-alkali soda ash industry.
    Guo Jinping, director of the lime workshop of soda ash plant, found that there is a lime kiln salt burning process in the steelmaking industry that has been widely used, but there is no attempt in the soda ash industry, so he put forward the idea of soda ash lime kiln salt firing process, drawing on the steelmaking industry to add raw salt to the lime kiln feed to improve the limestone decomposition efficiency, through the experiment to explore the best raw material ratio, without reducing the lime kiln production capacity under the premise of improving the effective decomposition rate of limestone, reducing production and operating costs

    Guo Jinping introduced that the principle of the salt firing process of lime kiln is that the raw salt enters the lime kiln and is heated to exist in a gasified state, which increases the pressure of calcium carbonate decomposition and thus reduces the calcium carbonate decomposition rate and quicklime crystallization rate, so that the quicklime crystallization no longer melts and is rich in pores
    Compared with no salt, the quicklime obtained by salt burning has a more uniform texture and dissolves faster
    after entering the ash machine.

    The test data showed that the total decomposition rate, effective decomposition rate and kiln gas concentration of limestone before and after salt addition were optimized, the consumption of tons of soda limestone was reduced by 40 kg, the consumption of coke was reduced by 3 kg, the equivalent of waste sand was reduced by 23.
    3 kg, and the concentration of ash milk increased by 4.
    7 titer, and the annual economic benefits of the whole plant could be increased by 21 million yuan
    after the implementation of the limestone salt burning process.
    At the same time, the implementation of the process also reduces the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of standard coal, in response to the national policy of
    energy conservation and emission reduction.

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