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    Issue 23/2018 - New silicone gels for a perfect display fit

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    At C-Touch 2018, WACKER presented three new optically bonded silicone gels: LUMISIL 245-GEL UV, LUMISIL®UV and LUMISIL®102FC®

    The LUMISIL®245-GEL UV was developed
    to solve the problem of laminating plastic for automotive display covers 。 This product is a two-component, UV-curable transparent silicone resin designed for optical display lamination; It has the characteristics of low modulus and high strength, and its soft gel structure helps to release stress and reduce vibration; The excellent adhesion performance of the product makes it widely used in optical display bonding in various structures, materials and environments, especially for plastic materials, good adhesion and high bonding strength; This makes it suitable for applications
    such as sensitive polarizers and P+G bonding, which are difficult to use.

    The LUMISIL®UV series is a two-component, UV-curable silicone hydroadhesive
    。 This series of products has the characteristics of high light transmittance, low shrinkage, low elastic modulus and high dielectric constant, which is very suitable for large-size touch screens and automotive, marine and aviation touch display products; It can be triggered by ultraviolet radiation, without the use of photoinitiators, and no other by-product release; At the same time, side-curing of shadow areas that may affect component bonding is eliminated, ensuring reliable adhesion of the display, greatly simplifying the bonding process and improving production efficiency

    LUMISIL®102FC is a two-component, thermosetting silicone gel that cures
    quickly in just 10 minutes at 65°C.
    The product has the characteristics of low viscosity, low shrinkage, low haze, low yellowing, high light transmittance, high thermal stability, etc.
    , which can meet the requirements of various indoor and outdoor display products at the same time, and can be used for portable displays, public information displays and navigation devices


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