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    It is a pseudo-proposition that humans are better suited to vegetarianism.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
    • Source: Internet
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    Interviewed experts: Dalian city center hospital nutrition department director Wang Xingguo
    Why vegetarian, there are a variety of online statements, including "human beings are naturally suitable for vegetarianism" view widely spread, what is going on?
    articles have concluded that "human structure is more suitable for vegetarianism" by comparing the anatomy and physiological functions of herbivores, carnivores, and humans. The reasons are: 1. Human teeth and jawbones are suitable for grinding vegetarian food, not tearing meat; 2. Human saliva is weak alkaline, more difficult to dissolve meat; 3. Human and herbivorous intestines are long, suitable for slowly absorbing non-perishable vegetarian food, while carnivorous intestines are short and straight, can quickly digest meat, excreted before meat decays. The residue of meat produces toxins in the human intestine.
    Xingguo, director of the nutrition department at Dalian City Center Hospital, said it was not scientific to compare the physiological structure of humans with herbivores and carnivores to show that "humans are better suited to vegetarianism". The reasons are the following, first, herbivores generally have strong chewing muscle, more wear-resistant molars, and human molar wear resistance, replacement and they are very different. Second, the ratio of human small intestines to height is significantly lower than that of herbivores. The human intestine is nearly 9 meters, with a ratio of 5 to height, while most herbivores have intestines about 9 times longer, and carnivores generally have intestines 2 to 6 times longer. From this indicator, humans are more likely to prefer carnivores. Third, the human stomach fluid usually pH below 2, after eating it is also difficult to herbivores 4. Fourth, typical herbivores usually have multiple stomachs, or developed blind intestines, while humans have only one stomach, blind intestines are underdeveloped.
    fact, according to mammalian eating, carnivores and herbivores are either or not, because there are omnivores, people are omnivores. Animals instinctively choose foods from new foods that meet their nutritional needs, and dietary orientation is not necessarily determined only by physiological structure, such as giant pandas, which were originally omnivores but have now become bamboo-loving "vegetarian" animals. In addition, herbivorous mammals often need to eat "non-stop", foraging and eating time greatly increased, which directly led to its social time is less than the meat-eating similar, can not develop like human ancestors, therefore, vegetarian is not evolution, meat omnivores are.
    Compared with the ancient apes and ancient humans who foraging for lack of resources, modern humans, who have experienced a long history, have obtained sufficient food through mass production, and can also process and mate food in various ways, the goal of human beings is more present, how to meet nutritional needs efficiently, and eat healthier and better. From a nutritional point of view, meat, eggs, milk and other animal foods contain a large number of nutrients that the human body needs, such as high-quality protein, multivitamins and minerals. However, many modern people eat too much of these foods. Too late, which contains adverse ingredients, such as fat, cholesterol, etc., also become a "health killer." So modern dietary guidelines advocate that people increase the proportion of vegetarians in their diets.
    's 2019 ranking by U.S. News and World Report, which emphasizes a balanced and comprehensive Mediterranean diet, was named the best comprehensive diet for the third consecutive year, in addition to being the best diabetic diet and the best heart-healthy diet, and ranked first with the DASH diet (the diet that controls high blood pressure). The Mediterranean diet, which is dominated by plant-sourced foods, does not exclude any food, including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, legumes, etc., and recommends eating dairy products in moderate daily, fish at least twice a week, and eggs.
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