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    It is found that peptide-ibp-cp24 may be a long-acting anti HIV drug

    • Last Update: 2019-12-10
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, scientists from Fudan University and other institutions found that a new engineering peptide-ibp-cp24 may be a long-acting anti HIV drug (, which can be used alone or with a wide range of neutralizing antibodies to treat and prevent HIV-1 infection

    Relevant research is published in the Research Report of international journal PLoS patterns

    In this study, the researchers pointed out that ibp-cp24 can show a long half-life and can potentially carry anti HIV-1 activities widely, even for drug-resistant strains

    Enflutide is the first anti HIV peptide drug approved by FDA (

    However, due to its short half-life and easy to produce drug-resistant HIV strains, its clinical application often has great limitations

    The researchers have developed a new strategy that can extend the half-life of an anti HIV peptide called Cp24 by fusing it into the human immunoglobulin G (IgG) Fc binding peptide (IBP)

      Ibp-cp24 can inhibit broad-spectrum HIV-1 strains, including those resistant to enfluvir; more importantly, its half-life in macaque blood can reach 46.1 hours, which is nearly 26 and 14 times of that of Cp24 and enfluvir; intravenous injection of ibp-cp24 in macaque does not induce significant specific antibody response to ibp-cp24, and does not show significant toxic effect 。 The mice that received ibp-cp24 in advance were also immune from HIV-1 infection, while the mice that received ibp-cp24 and normal human IgG at the same time could significantly reduce the virus content in their blood

    The combination of ibp-cp24 and broad-spectrum HIV neutralizing antibody can show a synergistic anti-HIV-1 effect

    Research shows that this strategy can help reduce the dosage of antibody and peptide, and also reduce the cost of treatment.
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