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    It is found that the combination of three drugs can inhibit the malignant skin cancer

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    This method shows the hope of prolonging the life of people with "gene mutation BRAF V600E melanoma"In clinical trials, this treatment does not cause debilitating side effects compared with the combination of targeted drugs and immunotherapy drugs< br / > specifically, the researchers found that patients with melanoma who received two targeted inhibitors (dabrafenib and tramenib) and immunosuppressive agents (pembrolizumab) to block the BRAF mutation as their initial treatment drug survived longer without cancer progression or growthDisease< br / > Image Source: Wikipedia < br / > uses these three drugs to make the patient's autoimmune system sensitive, enhance the ability of immunotherapy, prevent the expression of two genes BRAF and MEK, and then block the process of cancer cell proliferation and out of control, the author saidThe results of the clinical trials are published today in the journal Nature Medicine< br / > about 94000 Americans are diagnosed with melanoma every year, and about 7000 die of the disease every yearAbout half of those diagnosed with metastatic melanoma carry the BRAF mutationPrevious studies have found that the use of one of the three drugs alone can significantly reduce the tumor size of a small number of patients with melanomaHowever, most people who receive treatment do not see any benefitsDual drug combinations have also been tested, but their success has been limited"< br / > early attempts to combine targeted drugs with immunosuppressive agents as a dual combination therapy have a debilitating side effect on patients, and its toxicity is too large to continue to be detected," the authors said: "we found that by using two targeted inhibitors, combined with checkpoint inhibitors, we can safely and effectively treat cancer." < br / > three drug combination help curl the growth of dead type of skin cancer melanoma.NatureMedicine(2019)DOI: 10.1038/s41591-019-0448-9
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