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    It is wise for SMEs to take the differentiated route

    • Last Update: 2021-02-27
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    News: known as the home industry "sunrise industry"
    industry, in recent years, the development of a good and much attention, more and more enterprises on the paint this "big cake" salivating, paint new brands springing up. However, although there are many brands and products in the paint industry, there is a serious phenomenon of homogenization. In the future development process,
    coating enterprises
    if they can not highlight their own characteristics with differentiation, it will be difficult to stand.
    In recent years, personalized gradually popular, custom coatings are becoming more and more popular, but the paint market brand complex, product design innovation is limited, follow the trend of plagiarism of enterprises are not in the minority, especially small and medium-sized paint enterprises limited capital and strength, it is easier to go on this "astray". In fact, in the homogenization phenomenon of severe paint market, breaking the "same" status quo or the main task, which requires a group of participants, including small and medium-sized paint enterprises, to carry out the differentiation strategy in the end.
    , differentiation brings premium potential to coating companies. At present, due to the paint product features are covered, coupled with the market oversupply, to a certain extent, restrict the development of small and medium-sized paint enterprises. Differentiation increases a company's ability to pay premiums and attract large numbers of loyal customers even in cyclical or seasonal downturns. Therefore, to adopt differentiated strategy is a necessary and primary development strategy for small and medium-sized paint enterprises.
    the other hand, small and medium-sized paint enterprises in the scale of input and output is relatively small, capital and technology composition is generally low, competitiveness, low ability to resist risks is an indisputable fact. Small and medium-sized paint companies are unable to implement low-cost strategies, so it is wise to adopt differentiated strategies.
    specifically, in the process of production and operation, coating enterprises need to give full play to and use the uniqueness of products and services, making it the main advantage of enterprise competition, in order to support the stable development of enterprises themselves. And coating enterprises in the operation of the link, many have the possibility of differentiation. The development of coating enterprises also need to grasp the mainstream direction, in view of market demand in products and services to establish a prominent image, the use of differentiation strategy to break the homogenization situation.
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