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    It's hard for licensed pharmacists to change their registered units, but they have no choice but to complain

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
    • Source: Internet
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    Wen saner < br / > it's difficult to change the registration unit, and there's a complaint from a licensed pharmacist! < br / > recently, a licensed pharmacist left a message to the mailbox of the director of a provincial food and Drug Administration saying that he was the quality director of a pharmaceutical enterprise and had resigned for half a year, but could not register to a new company< br / > the reason is that the original unit did not replace the quality directorThis is a big problem: < br / > on the one hand, if the original unit does not change the quality director, this elder brother will not be able to register in the new unit, which seriously affects the employmentOn the other hand, he is no longer responsible for the drug quality work of the original companyIf something happens during the period, who will be responsible< br / > < br / > < br / / > there is no exceptionIn 2019, a licensed pharmacist also encountered the same situationHe said that he had terminated the labor relationship with the original company for more than half a year, but the original company could not find a new licensed pharmacist to replace him, which made him unable to change his registration to the new company< br / > in his message, he also said that he contacted the person in charge of the enterprise through telephone, wechat, QQ, etc., urging the original company to find someone to replace him, but there was no resultThis not only affected his employment, but also seriously affected his life< br / > in desperation, he had to run to the "people's network local leadership message board" to leave a message to the governor, hoping that the governor could help solve the problemHe didn't wait for the governor's reply, but the provincial drug administration's reply, "attach great importance to it, and immediately investigate and deal with it."< br / > on July 8, the provincial food and Drug Administration interviewed the quality director of the pharmaceutical enterprise, asked the pharmaceutical enterprise to take the initiative to get in touch with the netizen, cooperate to complete the registration change of licensed pharmacist as soon as possible, and feed back to the provincial food and Drug Administration in writing< br / > after the intervention of the provincial drug regulatory bureau, the drug enterprise immediately changed a lotOn July 17, the pharmaceutical company submitted a written report to the provincial food and drug administration, saying it had actively cooperated with the netizen to re register< br / > the insiders can't help but lament that what hasn't been solved in the first half of the year has been quickly solved in just ten days after the attention of the provincial drug administrationPreviously, there were also licensed pharmacists who asked the mayor to come forward and solve the problem of changing the registration unit < br / > this inevitably gives people the illusion that if the licensed pharmacist who is the quality director resigns, if the original unit has been procrastinating to replace the quality director, then it can quickly solve the problem by finding the director, mayor or complaining to the governor < br / > the reason for such a dilemma is that "there is an unwritten regulation in China's drug administration that if the quality director on the drug license of the original company is not changed to another person, I cannot change my registration to a new employment company." < br / > that is to say, even if you have the resignation certificate of the original practice unit, the original enterprise does not change the quality director, it is not necessarily completely free At this point, you have to consider bringing the matter to the regulatory authorities < br / > then the problem comes If the drug quality director has left his job normally, the original unit has not changed the quality director for a long time "How to ensure the integrity of the system and the quality and safety of the drugs sold without the quality director?" < br / > at this time, if the regulatory department finds out that he / she is not on duty, will the practicing pharmacist certificate be revoked? Will pharmaceutical companies rectify and suspend operations? During the period, "if there is a drug quality problem in violation of relevant laws and regulations, will I be involved?" < br / > many people in the circle have the above concerns "I have to keep the resignation certificate to prove that I have resigned and no longer serve as the quality director of the original company Anything has nothing to do with me." < br / > according to the new drug administration law, the legal representative and main person in charge of drug production and marketing enterprises are fully responsible for their drug production and marketing activities < br / > for those who produce or sell fake drugs, or those who produce or sell substandard drugs and the circumstances are serious, the legal representative, the main person in charge, the directly responsible person in charge and other responsible persons shall be confiscated of the income obtained from their own units during the period of illegal acts, and a fine of more than 30% but less than 3 times the income shall be imposed It is forbidden to engage in drug production and marketing activities for life, And may be detained by the public security organ for not less than five days but not more than 15 days < br / > not to mention fines and detentions, it's just "life-long prohibition of drug production and marketing activities", which is equivalent to losing the job in the pharmaceutical industry < br / > industry insiders suggest that the government affairs system should be able to track the change of quality director of pharmaceutical enterprises in real time < br / > for example, after the quality director leaves the original company, if the material meets the requirements, it is allowed to change to the new company At the same time, the former quality director of the unit immediately showed a vacancy, and the drug regulatory department immediately followed up and contacted him to improve the staffing as soon as possible.
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