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    It's settled! Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau held 40 kinds of purchasing with quantity consultation meeting details came out!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    In line with previous expectations, the 40 drug volume purchase of Shandong Province arrived as agreed after the end of the national two sessionsRecently, Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau has held a consultation meeting for some production enterprises and circulation enterprises, and specific bidding and procurement rules have also been published, including specific quality stratification, price reduction requirements, selection of bid winning areas, etcIn the era of centralized mining at the provincial level, Shandong Province's practice is undoubtedly worthy of attention and reference< br / > recently, e-drug managers learned that Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau had held a consultation meeting on the 40 large varieties to be purchased in volume previously mentioned, including some production enterprises and mainstream circulation companies such as Ruikang, state control and China ResourcesIn addition, people from industry associations also participated in the consultation meeting, The main contents of the discussion are the bidding rules, regional selection, bidding, execution time, etcof 40 procurement varieties to be broughtDuring the two sessions, Qiu Bingyu, deputy director of Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau, revealed in an interview with Qilu Evening News that Shandong Province is actively preparing to implement the provincial centralized procurement of 40 kinds of bulk drugs and 5 types of high-value medical consumables with high price, large quantity and wide range, and said that "it will be started as soon as possible"Now the consultation indicates that the procurement with large quantity is on the wayAccording to the information from the meeting, 40 varieties of Shandong Province will be collected in July this year, and the specific bidding results will be implemented in September< br / > in addition, according to people familiar with the matter, nifedipine controlled-release tablets (Bayer, Shanghai Hyundai) and tacrolimus (anstelai, East China, China and the United States) have the right to negotiate separately among the 40 products purchased in volume< br / > Shandong Province is well prepared for the holding of the provincial procurement varieties consultation meeting< br / > as early as April 24, the official website of Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau issued "notice on organizing and filling in part of drug purchase plan", attached with the specific list of drugs to be reported and the application path through the drug centralized purchase platform of Shandong Province< br / > according to the notice, according to the principle of large clinical dosage, high purchase amount and sufficient competition, 40 drugs purchased with centralized quantity have been selected and determined by clinical and pharmaceutical expertsThe scope of application includes public medical institutions (including general hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, specialized hospitals, maternal and child health centers, sanatoriums, community health service institutions, township health centers, etc.)At the same time, we should encourage private medical institutions to participate in the management of medical insurance agreements voluntarilyAccording to the notice, the medical institutions shall fill in the purchase demand quantity (unit: tablet / pill / piece) of relevant drugs in one year (12 months after the official implementation) according to the actual use quantity in 2019, and the medical institutions shall complete the online filling within three days in strict accordance with the operation instructions< br / > earlier, according to Qilu Evening News, during the two sessions, Qiu Bingyu, deputy to the National People's Congress and deputy director of Shandong Medical Security Bureau, said, "at present, we are making active preparations, and will start to purchase in volume as soon as possible, so that people can use high-quality and cheap drugs." < br / > and the holding of this consultation meeting is also explaining that after the volume reporting of medical institutions in Shandong Province in the early stage, Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau has basically mastered the purchase volume of 40 drugs and is preparing for bid opening E drug managers noted that the 40 varieties included in Shandong Province involved more than 120 specifications This provincial-level procurement in Shandong Province can be described as "coming with a menace" < br / > at present, in addition to the vast national drug collection, the provincial-level volume procurement has also been carried out Up to now, at least eight provinces in Hunan, Hebei, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Yunnan and Shandong have carried out provincial-level procurement with volume, but in fact, no matter whether it is national centralized procurement or local procurement, there will be some subtle differences in the specific bidding rules for centralized procurement In this bidding of Shandong Province, at least the following aspects need to be paid attention to: < br / > in general, Each province will define its own quality level when bidding Shandong province divides the bidding products into two quality levels < br / > the first level includes original research drug, expired patent drug, over consistency evaluation drug, generic reference drug catalog, Chinese drug listing catalog, and drugs exported to the UK, France, Germany, Canada, the US, Australia and Japan In other cases, drugs are classified into the second level < br / > it should be noted that in the second level, each item with the second prize of scientific and technological progress and the indication of product increase will be given an additional 0.5 points < br / > specific to the number of bid winning enterprises, Shandong Province stipulates that the same generic drug can only win two bids at most for each quality level < br / > similar to other provinces' bidding and procurement, the corresponding price reduction rules vary according to the number of bidding enterprises in each level, and the main indicators considered by Shandong Province are: first, price reduction index; second, occupancy index; third, coverage index, which is not simply selected according to the price reduction range But it is worth noting that this does not mean that the price reduction will be relaxed In some cases, Shandong Province introduced the requirement of referring to the decline of other products at the same level or the average decline of all products, which is also a challenge of price reduction for exclusive varieties < br / > the details are as follows: < br / > A: the bidding of three or more companies at one level is calculated according to the comprehensive score, in which the price accounts for 60%, the sales volume 20%, and the coverage 20% Including basic community hospitals The highest score is the first order winning variety, and the second highest score must accept this price If the price cannot be reduced to this level, it shall be deemed as abandonment, that is, the bid will be dropped < br / > b: the occupancy and coverage of two bids at one level are calculated first, and the highest score is discussed first Acceptance of two conditions can win the bid, one is based on the average reduction of three or more bids for other varieties at the same level, the other is not higher than the existing network price of another product platform, and if the reduction is not reached, it will be deemed as abandonment < br / > C: a bidder must accept one of two conditions, either the average decrease of more than three products at the same level or the average decrease of all products < br / > as mentioned in the first point, Shandong Province stipulates that the same generic drug can only win two bids at most for each quality level < br / > if there are two products winning the bid in one level, the two products will jointly divide 70% of the total reported volume of medical institutions in the province If there is only one bid winner, 60% of the total amount reported by medical institutions in the province < br / > if there is no bid winning product in one level, 50% of the reported quantity in this level will be given to the same generic product in another level < br / > in terms of regional selection, the first bid winning enterprise selects one city first and alternates in turn This is similar to the way in which the region is selected in the national expansion of belt procurement and the second round of belt procurement, but it is narrowed from all provinces to all prefecture level cities in the province < br / > according to the information in the meeting, the prices of nifedipine controlled-release tablets (Bayer, Shanghai Hyundai) and tacrolimus (anstelai, China, the United States and East China) are negotiated separately, but the specific reasons for the two varieties to adopt the separate bargaining are not known
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