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    J Sci Med Sport: Physical activity can significantly improve cognitive abilities in children aged 3-7 years.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
    • Source: Internet
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    Children who often take part in sports can grow taller, stronger and less likely to get sick, which has become the consensus.
    , however, it may be different if adherence to physical activity also improves a child's cognitive abilities.
    a recent review of the impact of physical activity on cognitive abilities in children ages 3-7 explores this question, and we may be able to find answers to that.
    physical activity can effectively promote children's cognitive development cognitive ability can be popularly understood as intelligence, such as observation, memory and imagination.
    people know the objective world and gain all kinds of knowledge, mainly depends on cognitive ability.
    it is people's most important ability, affecting every aspect of life.
    executive function is an advanced cognitive ability that develops rapidly in childhood and is closely related to economic income and health in adults.
    , whether the executive function in childhood is healthy or not has been widely concerned.
    recently, the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education's Children's Physical Fitness Research Team published a systematic review of the effects of continuous physical activity over four weeks on executive function in children aged 3-7 years.
    a summary analysis of 10 interventional studies (including a total of 716 subjects in four countries), the authors found that physical activity for more than four weeks had a certain effect on the development of executive function in children aged 3-7 years.
    , this positive effect is not affected by the exercise cycle (≥10 weeks;10 weeks), the length of exercise (≥35min/times;35min/times), and the frequency of movement (≥3 times/week;3 times/week), i.e. it is beneficial to perform functions as long as it is exercised.
    In addition, the study found that different types of exercise have different effects on executive function, and that open sports that include cognitive participation (i.e., the need to stimulate more cognitive participation to complete complex skill movements or respond to changes in the field with teammates, such as team games, ball games, etc.) are superior to simple repetitive closed sports (e.g. running, cycling, etc.).
    how much activity should young children meet each day Since physical activity is beneficial to the development of executive function in children aged 3-7 years, how much activity should young children meet per day? On June 9, 2018, china's first "Preschool Children (3-6 years old) Sports Guide (Expert Consensus Edition)" was officially released in Beijing.
    the Guidelines suggest that preschool children in China should spend more than 180 minutes a day on various types of physical activity.
    , the cumulative amount of physical activity at moderate and above intensity should be not less than 60 minutes.
    , in response to the current situation of inadequate outdoor activities for preschool children in China, the Guidelines recommend that "at least 120 minutes of outdoor activities should be carried out every day".
    , the Guidelines note that evidence suggests that children who actively participate in sports in the early part of school are more likely to achieve excellent academic results in the future than children who are always sitting still and less active.
    Note: Physical activity: Any physical activity that increases energy consumption due to muscle contraction, including sports, housework, and commuting.
    sports: planned, organized physical activity designed to improve or maintain one or more physical abilities/skills.
    as a safe and low-cost way to promote not only children's physical development, but also their cognitive development and early intellectual development.
    , we should encourage children to participate in more sports activities, cultivate interest in sports, establish sports habits, so as to promote their overall physical and mental health development.
    references. Li L, Zhang J, Cao M, et al. The effects of chronic physical activity interventions on executive functions in children aged 3-7 years: A meta-analysis. J Sci Med Sport. 2020;23 (10):949-954.D:10.1016/j.jsams.2020.03.007 Li Longkai, Quan Minghui Source: Li Longkai, Quan Minghui Copyright Notice: All text, images and audio and video materials on this website that indicate "Source: Met Medical" or "Source: MedSci Original" are owned by Metz Medicine and are not reproduced by any media, website or individual without authorization, and shall be reproduced with the words "Source: Mets Medicine".
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