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    Japanese tourists snapping up Japanese medicine sadder than toilet lid

    • Last Update: 2020-05-12
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    After a round trip, to Japan
    touriststhe crazy rush to buy the Japanese toilet lid was originally from China, to Japan
    touristscost not only than thedomestictwice as much, but also bought back the toilet lid "water and soil" (voltage, water quality is different)Some say this is a sad thing for China's manufacturing industryAfter all, the phenomenon is also the norm in manufacturing, and last year Apple's handset was packed and shipped from Henan to the United States, more sad than the sadness of China's manufacturing industry, it is Chinese feverishly snapping up japanese medicinemedicine spreesAccording to survey statistics, during the Spring Festival, Chinese tourists visited Japan to buy the most goods, medicaldrugsas many as 3,982, overwhelmingly ranked first, while the number of toilet lids purchased only 812why are Japanese medicines attracting tourists to Japan? The simple answer is that Japanese medicines are cheap and safeTake the children's fever paste as an example,domestica box of de-burning paste 20 or 30 yuan, the number of which is only three to four piecesHowever, Japan's anti-burn paste is not only cheaper than domestic, but also 12 to 16 tablets of enough to kill domestic fever paste in a secondthe gap between drug prices between China and Japan clearly breaks the pure nationalist overtonesHow high is the price of Chinese medicine? During the two sessions, the National People's Congress representative, Guangxi Huahong Pharmaceutical Co., Chairman Wei Feiyan pointed out that more than 90% of China's drugs have room to reduce prices, prices cut 50% of the problemBecause of the classification restrictions on the management of Japanese medicines, the first category must have a doctor's prescription to buy, the second category needs to consult with the pharmacy pharmacist, the third category can be purchased at willTherefore, even if the domestic high-priced medicines and thus force consumers to buy Japanese medicine, but also because of the type of drug restrictions will not helpIt is the industry's in-selectivity that creates a sadder picture than manufacturing
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