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    Home > Active Ingredient News > Digestive System Information > JCC: Can patients with inflammatory bowel disease terminate the treatment of hydrogenated pine when receiving Inflixi single anti-maintenance therapy?

    JCC: Can patients with inflammatory bowel disease terminate the treatment of hydrogenated pine when receiving Inflixi single anti-maintenance therapy?

    • Last Update: 2020-11-26
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    BACKGROUND: Prescription drugs for hydrocodiosis can reduce the risk of antibody formation in patients treated with infringic bowel disease (IBD) in infrifflixi monoantigen (IFX).
    researchers conducted a series of studies to determine the safety of hydrogenated pre-flux drugs in IBD patients with a sustained clinical response after receiving IFX maintenance treatment.
    Method this is an observational prospective drug clinical study that includes patients who are continuous IBD outpatients who have no IFX infusion response in the past, and IBD patients who maintain IFX clinical remission (individual or combined therapy) for at least 6 months.
    followed the queue for a year after they stopped taking prescription drugs for hydrogenated pine.
    of the 268 IBD outpatients, 95 met the inclusion criteria (average age 38 years; 64 percent for men; 80 percent for Crohn's disease, 45 percent for hormone and IFX combined therapy).
    ifX duration was 5 years, the average infusion dose was 533 mg, and the average interval duration was 7.9 weeks.
    adverse events with permanent ATIs or infusion-related reactions in patients within 1 year.
    four patients had a short-lived ATIs and no clinical response.
    there was no significant difference in infrifflixi monoantitic serum levels (5.5 μg / mL and 5.9 μg / mL) measured during 3 IFX infusions before and after the suspension of the drug hydrocodulation.
    response rate to IFX in the last year was 18%.
    concluded that in IBD patients who continued clinical remission in IFX maintenance therapy, hydrocodiosis was safe.
    this study shows that patients with long-term remission under IFX maintenance treatment do not need to routinely use hydrocodyclycerides for routine treatment.
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