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    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    on June 4, 2020, JD
    com And multinational pharmaceutical company Health China officially reached a strategic cooperationThe two sides announced that the international experience, professional knowledge and innovative medical solutions accumulated by Weishi in the field of treatment of a wide range of diseases will be fully integrated with's pharmaceutical e-commerce, Internet healthcare and other advantages of business, to create the industry's first focus on providing multi-faceted medical, health and life services for the elderly one-stop online service platformin the future, the two sides will cooperate in simplifying the consultation process, extending the link of medical and pharmaceutical circulation in hospitals, on-line and offline linked disease education, the health ecosystem for the elderly, and public welfare projectsis understood that The gas is a research and development of pharmaceutical products-based multinational companies, headquartered in Tokyo, was founded in 1941, the business mainly covers three core therapeutic areas, namely, neuroscience, oncology and's main business escant: pharmaceutical retailing, wholesale medicine, Internet medicine and smart medicine, of which pharmaceutical retailing is one of's more mature businessesthis time, the cooperation between the two sides is mainly due to the special period, pharmaceutical e-commerce and Internet medical services, is becoming an important part of the medical circulation and medical service system, and the pharmaceutical e-commerce as the representative of let the pharmaceutical companies see the possibility of cooperation in the field of specialist chronic disease managementat present, China has entered the aging society, is about to usher in the rapid aging of the population stageAccording to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, by 2018, China's population aged 60 and over will be close to 250 million, accounting for 17.9% of the total population, and will increase the number of elderly people by more than 80 million each yearExperts predict that by around 2050, the number of elderly people in China will reach a peak of 487 million, accounting for 34.9% of the total population, and China will gradually enter the elderly society, making hospitals, medical care and other industries, services and infrastructure closely related to the field of aging health, are facing very great pressure and challengesin this aging background, "Internet plus" has become an inevitable trend in the health care service industryThe essence of "Internet plus medical health" is to help prevent, control and manage diseases through internet technology, break the limit of space time, and reallocate unevenly distributed medical resources online, so as to enhance the medical experienceIndustry people believe that, as more and more social forces participate in the construction of "Internet and health care", it will be of great help to solve the problem of "old problems" in medical carebecause there is no multi-directional service online platform specifically for the elderly in the market, so Health and Weishi China's cooperation, has also attracted widespread attention in the industryIt is reported that Health and Seito China reached a cooperation after the specific planning is divided into three stages: a stage, Alzheimer's disease as the starting point, the introduction of users, doctors, medical institutions and other key elements, and constantly try to run through the mode, after which, will try to introduce the government, so that some of the services provided by the platform can become the content of government procurement phase II, in one to two years, to increase 2-3 chronic diseases of the elderly, improve the platform's comprehensive service capacity three stages, the platform will be shared, spread to a larger non-patient elderly group, covering the majority of the elderly high incidence of disease, to meet the needs of older users in addition, it is worth noting that the author understands that the current health in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, is constantly expanding to drug services and Internet medical services in-depth areas For example, some time ago, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Aer Jian, a global biopharmaceutical multinational The two sides will focus on the prevention and treatment of ophthalmic diseases and cooperate in Internet medical care, drug services, disease management, and doctor-patient education Among them, the focus is around the single disease to build a disease zone, for patients to establish multi-directional and deep long-term management services in general, pharmaceutical e-commerce and Internet medical services are increasingly becoming an important part of China's medical circulation and medical service system The complete Internet medical service ecology created by the pharmaceutical e-commerce company based on the Internet capability and resources, represented by Health, will also be further developed to benefit more patients with chronic diseases while allowing more pharmaceutical companies to see their development potential in the field of specialist chronic disease management.
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