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    JEM: Scientists are expected to conquer the king of cancer! By turning off the function of key proteins, it is possible to inhibit the deterioration and metastasis of pancreatic cancer!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In a recent study published in the international journalJournal of The Experiment
    Medicine, scientists from the Sanford Burnham Prebys Institute for Medical Discovery and others have found that by inhibiting a protein that regulates cell movement called Slug or is expected to inhibit the metastasis of pancreatic cancer, research may reveal that two new drugs that can interact with proteins and use it as a drug target to develop a new type of cancerPhoto Source: Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
    Pancreatic cancer is good at escaping from thesites of primarytumors, and even if pancreatic cancer is detected early on, cancer cells may have begun to spread through the patient's body, said researcher DrCosimo Commisoblock the migration of hungry cancer cells
    like all cancer cells, pancreatic cancer cells grow rapidly and can take advantage of nutrients in their surroundings, and in order to meet their energy needs,tumorcells will enhance the metabolic pathways that normal cells cannot use, the paper reveals how pancreatic cancer cells respond to nutritional deficiencies/deficiencies (most commonly: glutamine), which is expected to help find new treatments to block cancer cells' growththe study, researchers studied mouse models of pancreatic cancer and found that in order to respond to the lack of glutamine, a protein called Slug drives cancer cell metastasis by activating the body's epithelial-interstitial transformation process (EMT), a process in which cells are released from tightly stacked tissuesInhibiting the function of the Slug protein reduces the ability of cancer cells to spread and reduces the number and size of tumorsecondary lungs, and the researchers found that samples of patients carrying high levels of Slug protein are directly related to the patient's poor prognosis, suggesting that blocking the function of the Slug protein may have some benefits for the health of the body'In the field of pancreatic cancer research, we need to constantly study to understand the key role EMT plays in cancer cell metastasis,' said dr Maria Victoria Recouvreux, a researcher, who found that the lack of glutamine activates the EMT process through The Slug protein, which promotes pancreatic cancer cells Escape host surveillance and look for nutrient-rich sites, and the researchers have revealed a new treatment that may inhibit the metastasis of pancreatic cancer, and the results may be applied to other tumor that quickly consume glutamine, including lung and colon cancer because of its specific biological properties, the Slug protein is considered a target for the development of new drugs, and researchers have since been searching for proteins that interact with the Slug protein to develop new targeted drugs, and researchers have identified two potential targets: ERK and elF2, which are currently being evaluated in clinical trials to determine their benefits in treating pancreatic and other cancers, and alpha 2 alpha inhibitors, which have now completed animal-based trials new hope for lethal cancer treatment
    the number of patients who survive five years will fall from 37 percent to just 3 percent once pancreatic cancer metastasis, and researchers say about 57,000 Americans are expected to be
    diagnosed with pancreatic cancer by by 2020, with about 10 percent of them in the early stages of the disease, and the number of people who will benefit from anti-cancer metastasis drugs the study, the researchers revealed the key role of the Slug protein in driving pancreatic cancer metastasis, and next, they plan to conduct more in-depth studies to determine the important role that Slug plays in the development of pancreatic cancer, including the impact on disease progression and patient survival Finally, researcher Dr Lynn Matrisian said, In order to make progress in the field of fighting pancreatic cancer, we need to understand deeply the mechanisms that drive the growth and metastasis of tumors , and now, based on the results of this study, we reveal the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic cancer metastasis, which may provide new ideas and hopes for the development of new personalized targeted therapies to treat and extend the lifespan of pancreatic cancer patients at a later stage ( original origins: Maria Victoria Recouvreux, Matthew R Moldenhauer, Koen M.O Galenkamp, et al.
    Glutamine Regulates Slug to promote EMT and metastasis in the , Journal of The LabO Seimedicine (2020) DOI: 10.1084/jem.20200388
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