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    Jiahe biology cooperates with American sharp company to develop innovative biological medicine ryi-008 for tumor and autoimmunity

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Ryi-008 is an innovative monoclonal antibody against IL-6, which has unique pharmacological properties and is expected to create a new treatment for related diseases This is an important milestone for Jiahe Through creative win-win cooperation, it has further expanded its innovative McAb product line "According to clinical data, IL-6 regulators have been considered to be extremely effective in many diseases Jiahe and determined to choose ryi-008 cooperation, reflecting the unique views on China's changing medical environment, and it is very important to provide innovative and effective drugs with cost-effective advantages in China " Comments by Dr Zhou Xinhua, CEO of Jiahe bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd "Ryi-008 has unprecedented high efficacy, and affinity can reach femtocolar level, with significantly longer half-life It is expected to achieve once a month, low mg dose and subcutaneous administration in the treatment plan," said Paul Grayson, President and CEO of Ruiyi "Ryi-008 is a very potential candidate in this innovative development strategy, and there are about 4 candidates in China About 100000 patients with rheumatoid arthritis who have not received biological medicine treatment urgently need a treatment option with cost-effective advantage Jiahe team has profound experience in global drug development, and has accumulated strong relationships with commercial institutions, drug administration supervision and government departments in China, which make them ideal partners We look forward to working with them to provide new and breakthrough therapeutic drugs for China's medical system "
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