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    Jianghan Oilfield's new instrument improves the efficiency of analysis and testing

    • Last Update: 2021-06-10
    • Source: Internet
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      Recently, the technicians of the Experimental Center of Jianghan Oilfield Research Institute completed the 30-block test task in 3 days during the sample analysis and testing of the key well Jiaoye 162-1HF, which increased the work efficiency by more than 2 times.

      In recent years, the research focus of researchers has been on shale reservoirs, and the porosity of shale samples is one of the most important basic parameters.
    With the completion of coring of several key exploratory wells such as the Hongye 2HF and Xingye 2HF wells, the production tasks of shale porosity testing have been increasing year by year.
    Because shale porosity testing requires targeted testing technology, the problem of long testing cycle is becoming increasingly prominent, and the original helium porosity tester can no longer meet the current scientific research, production, analysis and testing requirements.

      In 2021, the center introduced a helium porosimeter.
    Compared with traditional instruments, the measurement range is larger, which can meet the test of low porosity; the pressure balance time can be adjusted so that helium can fully enter the small pores, thereby obtaining more accurate results.
    Porosity; the sample bin can be loaded with plunger samples or irregular samples of appropriate size, which can meet the requirements of difficult and fragile shale samples.

      The newly-added helium porosimeter measurement process is more optimized to meet the relevant parameter test of special shale samples, the workload is more than doubled, the work efficiency is improved, the problem of sample backlog is effectively relieved, and the technology is provided for the realization of the oilfield’s "Thousands of Thousands" strategic goals as soon as possible support.

      At present, the instrument has carried out more than 50 analysis tests and provided more than 30 valid data.

      (Xie Jiang, Sun Chong and Hu Chunye)

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