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    Jiangnan Shipbuilding takes the lead in opening the paperless construction of the whole ship

    • Last Update: 2021-05-01
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      On June 29, the large-scale navigation mark ship "Hai Xun 160" built by Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co.
    , Ltd.
    , a subsidiary of CSSC, was officially delivered for the East China Sea Navigation Support Center.
    "Hai Xun 160" is the world's first full-professional, full-element design using a three-dimensional experience platform, realizing large-scale three-dimensional design deliverables (three-dimensional "drawings"), and adopting the entire process of paperless construction of large steel ships.
      "Hai Xun 160" was designed by the 708th Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Corporation.
    It has a total length of 73.
    34 meters, a moulded width of 14.
    00 meters, a moulded depth of 6.
    20 meters, and a maximum displacement of 2,300 tons.
    It has been classified by China Classification Society (CCS).
    The ship meets the requirements of the long-sea navigation area and can navigate normally in areas with mild ice conditions.
    It is equipped with dual main engines, dual-controllable-propeller main propulsion systems, bow thrusters and dynamic positioning systems.
    It is mainly used for navigation of various ports in the East China Sea.
    Light buoys and navigation aids are deployed, removed, inspected and maintained, and can take into account maritime pollution prevention and radio navigation signal monitoring tasks.
    The successful delivery of the ship has not only enhanced the overall strength of my country's offshore technology research and development and innovation platform construction, but also enhanced my country's comprehensive capabilities for maritime order coordination and control.
      "Haixun 160" is an important platform for Jiangnan Shipbuilding to implement "innovation leading" and "transformation and upgrading".
    Based on the core concept of "single digital model", in design, Jiangnan Shipbuilding uses a three-dimensional experience platform for digital design and VR construction simulation, and advances the evaluation of space accessibility, equipment operability and maintainability to improve design quality from the source Enhance the user experience; in terms of construction, Jiangnan Shipbuilding creatively proposed a three-dimensional deliverable plan according to the construction stage, that is, through the intelligent production terminal to directly guide the production, construction and management of the three-dimensional model, and the new model of paperless construction is gradually taking shape.
      "Hai Xun 160" officially started construction on July 26, 2018, and was launched on the berth on November 28, 2018, and was launched and named on March 22, 2019.
    According to Zhou Xuekun, the chief architect of the ship, the construction period of "Hai Xun 160" has been shortened by nearly three months compared with the original plan.
    The entire ship has successfully implemented large-scale three-dimensional design deliverables, making the ship’s error rate lower than that of ships of the same volume by 60.
    %, the quality, technology, and safety management and control have improved significantly.

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