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    Jiangsu Prince Dairy Supply Expired Milk Ordered to Stop Supply

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Jiangsu Prince Dairy Co., Ltd., a student-drinking milk manufacturer based in Xinghua, Jiangsu Province, has been ordered to stop supplying expired milk to some local schoolsOn the evening of the 4th, Xinghua City official response said that Taizhou, Xinghua two-level market regulatory authorities and Xinghua City Education Bureau has been the first time to carry out special inspection of the enterprises involved, after sampling indicators qualified, but also did not receive due to the milk consumption of students physical discomfort and other circumstances of the responseIt is understood that this is the Prince Dairy nearly a year has again been ordered to suspend the supply of "student milk."according to local parents, The Prince Dairy supply to students of drinking milk in the next semester was found by the regulatory authorities in many batches of Ecoli problems, after the Spring Festival, Prince Dairy resumed milk for studentsThis public opinion is triggered by the expiration of the student milk it suppliesAccording to the draft provided by Xinghua City, on the morning of March 1, individual schools at the grass-roots level reported to Xinghua City Education Bureau that the milk provided by the students on the same day was produced on February 26, 2019, with a shelf life of 2 days, and the Education Bureau immediately asked schools to stop drinking, sealing in place, notify enterprises to immediately recall all products, Xinghua City Market Supervision Bureau received a notification to investigate the caseTaizhou City Market Supervision Bureau on the scene of the Prince Dairy 6 batches of inventory products, March 4 inspection results show that the total number of 6 batches of products, Ecoli, Staphylococcus aureus, salmonella and other indicators are all qualifiedSo far, no response has been received to the physical discomfort of students due to milk consumptionit is understood that Jiangsu Province student drinking milk production enterprises are responsible for the provincial dairy industry association is responsible for the approval of registration, Prince Dairy in the approved registration list, and for Xinghua City within the scope of the only student drinking milk fixed-point production enterprisesXinghua City said that the situation will be informed to the Jiangsu Dairy Association, asked it to make as soon as possible whether to cancel the Prince Dairy "Jiangsu students drinking milk production enterprises" qualification decision, but also will fully listen to the views and suggestions of schools, students, parents, the community, strictly follow the principle of voluntary recruitment, and introduce competition mechanismextended readingparents of students in Xinghua, Jiangsu Province, questioned the quality and safety of the milk produced by a local milk company, causing the storm to be still fermentedseveral local people reported that the Jiangsu Prince Dairy Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "Prince Dairy") in Xinghua, the production of student milk, last autumn semester by the relevant departments found that there are many batches of Ecoli problem, after the incident, "problem milk" was destroyed Dairy companies were severely punished and forced to suspend the supply of student milk did not expect that after the Spring Festival, Prince Dairy resumed to provide milk to students Many parents worry that their children's long-term consumption of milk with "product quality problems" before the milk production, not only nutritional health levels can not be improved, but also may hurt the body this, February 27, Xinghua City Education Bureau in response to the News, Xinghua City Education Bureau said that after the opening of public opinion, Taizhou City Market Supervision Bureau, Xinghua City Education Bureau, Xinghua City Market Supervision Authority carried out a special inspection of the above-mentioned milk enterprises, after on-site verification, all factory students drinking milk inspection items have not yet found non-conforming items Xinghua City Education Bureau said that the Taizhou City Market Supervision Bureau on the inventory of products for supervision and sampling, will be announced in the near future test results At present, Xinghua Market Supervision Bureau, the Education Bureau to strengthen the follow-up supervision of enterprises to ensure that students drink milk production, supply, drinking safety 1, Prince Dairy multi-batch milk exposure e coli exceeded the standard september 2018, Prince Dairy produced several batches of product quality problems According to Xinghua City Market Supervision Bureau, the city's southern branch director Gu Mingfeng said that the company in the product factory inspection found that there are 70,000 cups of student milk in the presence of E coli Due to the large quantity involved, Prince Dairy sent the products to Suzhou professional waste treatment company for destruction and treatment Fortunately, the milk did not flow to the student's table the same month, another batch of students again found the problem On February 27, Xinghua City Market Supervision Bureau, The Education Bureau confirmed to The News that in September 2018, The Market Supervision Bureau of Xinghua City found that 14282 cups of modulated milk produced and sold by The Prince Dairy, there is a problem of E coli exceeding the standard, which does not meet food safety standards The results of the after-the-fact analysis showed that the milk was contaminated due to problems with the packaging equipment At the time, the company also disposed of the problem milk immediately, Xinghua City Market Supervision Bureau on the Prince's dairy industry opened a case investigation, the value of the case more than 47,000 yuan, according to the top order of its administrative punishment, a fine of 900,000 yuan Xinghua City Education Bureau asked the company to immediately stop production and rectification, enterprises have invested more than 350 million yuan, a comprehensive technical transformation of equipment "problem milk" is not only that According to the administrative penalty information published by Tianan Inspection, Prince Dairy was fined 50,000 yuan by Xinghua Municipal Market Supervision Bureau for violating food quality supervision and management in October 2016 Gu Mingfeng said that, according to his understanding, at that time, the higher market regulatory authorities routine sampling found that the Prince Dairy trial production of 300 cups of student milk there is E coli, administrative punishment, after the enterprise to the problem milk destruction treatment, did not flow to the student table This information was confirmed by Li Ruchun, head of the education logistics management section of Xinghua City 2, the controlling shareholder, the French dairy giant many times "accident" news obtained by the picture shows that after the beginning of this semester, the Prince Dairy to the students supply "flavor fermented milk", its brand logo is "lactel", is the French dairy giant Lantres brand, Chinese named "rand" what is the relationship between Prince's Dairy and Landres? , according to the January 27, 2017 issue of the Thai Daily, the Randlis Group was founded in 1933 in the milk-producing core region of western France and became the world's largest dairy group, with 237 production sites in 42 countries And founded in 2003, The Prince Dairy, is a dairy farming, pasture cultivation, dairy research and development processing, sales as one of the key leading enterprises in Jiangsu Province agricultural industrialization, its processing base, pastureare are in the xinghua on January 25, 2017, France's Randres Group signed a contract with Jiangsu Prince Dairy Co., Ltd to acquire Prince's Dairy Co., Ltd for 100 million euros by The ," the 's Taizhou Daily reported In other words, the Randlis Group became the controlling shareholder of Prince Dairy through mergers and acquisitions but Randlis, as a global dairy giant, has been "in trouble" for the past two years First, in December 2017, AFP revealed that about 20 children had fallen ill after eating The randres, which were sold in A range of brands including Milumel and Picot in France or international markets Later, Randres issued a statement saying that on December 10 of that year, some of the Randlis Group products were suspected to be infected with salmonella, which may cause diarrhea and fever, so the group took off the shelves and recalled the relevant batches of infant formula worldwide Include slots of products sold in China in the publicly available recall catalog suspected of being affected by the "salmonella" incident, on December 5, the National Certification and Accreditation Administration suspended the registration of The Lantres milk powder factory in China, the factory named CELIA-LAITERIE DE CRAON Source: People's
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