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    Jingmen Petrochemical's low-aromatic light white oil is recognized by end customers

    • Last Update: 2021-05-01
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    “I introduced Jingmen Petrochemical’s white oil products in 2013 and replaced them with imports, reducing costs for our company.
    I have a lot of affection for Jingmen Petrochemical.

    “When we chose white oil products, we tried many companies.
    There are many lessons, but since the cooperation with Jingmen Petrochemical, the product quality is stable, we decided not to change suppliers easily.

    On November 7, Jingmen Petrochemical held a low-aromatic light white oil end customer seminar, Jingmen Petrochemical’s No.
    3 White Oil is highly affirmed by end customers.
    This is the first time in the history of Jingmen Petrochemical that a special symposium with end users of the product was held.
    16 representatives of No.
    3 low aromatic white oil end customers from 10 companies across the country participated in the symposium.

    The customer representatives watched the Jingmen Petrochemical promotional video with great interest, listened to the development plan and product introduction of Jingmen Petrochemical's characteristic products, and visited the production site of the device.
    Customer representatives exchanged views on the application of white oil products in the silicone rubber industry, thanked Jingmen Petrochemical for building this peer exchange platform, and expressed their willingness to participate in the "integration of production, marketing, research and application" cooperation proposed by Jingmen Petrochemical.

    In 2004, Jingmen Petrochemical developed No.
    3 white oil for the first time in China, and was the first to use it in the acid glass glue industry for construction.
    In 2015, Jingmen Petrochemical once again pioneered the application of No.
    3 white oil in Sichuan-Chongqing shale gas exploration.
    After more than 10 years of development, it has now developed and produced No.
    3 low aromatic white oil, D series low aromatic white oil, No.
    5/7/10/15/32/68/100 industrial white oil, etc.
    , Occupying the top three positions in the domestic market in terms of variety, total volume, and market share.

    Relying on the unique resource advantages of Nanyang and Chunfeng crude oil, Jingmen Petrochemical No.
    3 white oil quickly responded to the market through technical means such as high-pressure hydrogenation, continuously improved quality, and developed new uses.
    The product has been launched for 14 years and still has a high reputation.

    Source: Sinopec News Network
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