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    Jinpu Titanium Industry plans to invest a total of 10 billion yuan to build a new energy battery material integration project

    • Last Update: 2022-05-12
    • Source: Internet
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    Jinpu Titanium announced on the evening of March 28 that the company signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with the Management Committee of Anhui (Huibei) New Coal Chemical Synthetic Materials Base on the 26th.
    Iron phosphate, 200,000 tons/year lithium iron phosphate and other new energy battery materials integration projects, the total investment of the project is about 10 billion yuan
    It is worth pondering that, as of the close on March 28, the total market value of Jinpu Titanium's secondary market was about 3.
    839 billion yuan
    According to the announcement, this framework cooperation agreement is to actively respond to the call of the national "two-carbon" strategy, and to carry out strong chain extension and supplementation of the titanium dioxide industry chain.
    Downstream new energy battery cathode material lithium iron phosphate device to meet the growing demand for new energy energy storage and new energy vehicles for lithium iron phosphate
    Specifically, Jinpu Titanium intends to invest in the construction of a new energy battery material integration project in Anhui (Huibei) New Coal Chemical Synthetic Material Base.
    , 8,000 tons/year lithium hexafluorophosphate, 300,000 tons/year × 2 pyrite to produce sulfuric acid, 150,000 tons/year phosphoric acid, 120,000 tons/year refined phosphoric acid and its supporting projects
    The announcement shows that the planned construction period of the project is from September 2022 to June 2027, with three phases of construction
    The first phase will build 100,000 tons/year of iron phosphate, 50,000 tons/year of lithium iron phosphate, 300,000 tons/year of pyrite-to-sulfuric acid, and 30,000 tons/year of electronic grade sulfuric acid production units; the second phase will build 100,000 tons/year /year iron phosphate, 150,000 tons/year lithium iron phosphate, 300,000 tons/year pyrite-to-sulfuric acid and its upstream and downstream supporting devices; the third phase will build 80,000 tons/year lithium hexafluorophosphate, 50,000 tons/year lithium battery recycling
      Jinpu Titanium Industry said that the signing of this agreement is in line with the company's strategic development plan, and has a positive role in promoting the company's development of new energy business fields, which is conducive to enhancing the company's competitiveness and industry influence, and is conducive to the company's long-term sustainable development.
    The impact of the company's long-term operation depends on the progress and implementation of subsequent specific business cooperation
      Jinpu Titanium Industry made it clear in the announcement that the specific construction scale and total planned investment of the project in the strategic cooperation framework agreement are the preliminary planning data drawn up by both parties based on the current situation.

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