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    Junshi / Lilly new crown neutralizing antibodies into human trials, and antibody therapy worthy of attention?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    There are currently hundreds of new coronavirus antibody research and development projects around the world, of which more than a dozen research and development projects are expected to enter the clinical development stage this yearAntibody therapy is considered by the industry to provide a bridge to potential treatments and fill gaps in immunity before vaccines appearToday's article will take a look at the new coronavirus antibody research and development pipelineneutralizing antibody therapy - a specific therapy with therapeutic and preventive potential
    Nature also provides us with a natural "drug research and development facility" for the development of new coronavirus therapies, our own immune systemBy identifying specific proteins in the new coronavirus that enter the body, the immune system is able to produce an immune response against the new coronavirus, where neutralizing antibodies produced by B lymphocytes is an important part of the immune responseNeutralizing antibodies can be said to be a specific new coronavirus therapy filtered out by nature's "hard-nosed" immune systemcurrent development of neutralizing antibody therapy is mainly through three means:1Antibodies with strong neutralizing effects were found by screening antibodies in the serum of recovering persons who had been infected with the new coronavirusBy analyzing B cells in rehabilitative patients, B cells that produce strong neutralizing antibodies are found3Stimulate the production of neutralizing antibodies by injecting protein antigens associated with the new coronavirus into animal modelscompared to the "new drug" antiviral therapy, neutralizing antibodies is the therapy developed for the new coronavirus, and therefore has a very high specificityMoreover, antibodies in the blood stability is high, neutralizing antibody injection can provide passive immunity, so as to prevent the effect of new coronavirus infectionThis strategy has already shown results in the prevention of the Ebola virus, and antibody therapy for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection has been approvedPrior to the advent of preventive vaccines, neutralizing antibodies could be an effective way to provide immunity to specific high-risk groups, such as the elderly and front-line health workers more than a dozen research and development projects in are expected to enter clinical development
    At present, a number of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are expected to enter the clinical development phase this year Among the fast-moving research and development projects are Vir-7831 and VIR-7832, a candidate antibody jointly developed by Vir Biotechnology and GlaxoSmithKline and regeneron (Regeneron) developed the neutral antibody cocktail therapy REGEN-COV2 They are all expected to enter clinical development this summer Chinese biotech and pharmaceutical companies are also actively involved in the development of new crown virus neutralizing antibodies In addition to the JS016, which was developed by Junshi Bioco-Developed above, last week, a strategic partnership was reached with Platinum Pharmaceuticals, AbbVie, The University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and The University of Elasus University Medical Center Under the cooperation agreement, AbbVie will support preclinical research at Platinum Medicine, the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and The University of Erasmus, and will begin preparations for late-stage preclinical and clinical studies AbbVie is entitled to exclusive research and development and promotion of this antibody The all-humanized neutralizing antibody, called 47D11, has been published in Nature Communications in preclinical research , Tengsheng Bo Pharmaceuticals has reached a cooperation with the research team of Tsinghua University and Shenzhen Third People's Hospital to jointly develop a number of powerful monoclonal neutralizing antibodies Baiji Shenzhou has also partnered with Atreca and IGM Biosciences to jointly develop IgM and IgA neutralizing antibodies for the new coronavirus innovative techniques to enhance the effectiveness of viral neutralizing therapy
    most of the antibodies currently in the nascoe antibody research pipeline are targeted at the neo-coronavirus's stingy protein (S protein) Most of the candidate antibodies are IgG-type antibodies The stingprotein is the key to the entry of the new coronavirus into the cells and is therefore the preferred target for antibody therapy and vaccine development The development of IgG antibodies can accelerate the development and production process of potential therapies by leveraging the research and development experience and production facilities of the biopharmaceutical industry to develop monoclonal antibody therapies at the same time, a number of biotech companies are trying to use innovative technologies to further improve the effectiveness of neutralizing antibodies or developing innovative neutralizing therapies For example, Vir Biotechnology and Xencor have agreed to a partnership that will extend the half-life of neutralizing antibodies in the blood using Xencor's unique Xtend XmAb Fc technology This technique improves their affinity with the FcRn receptor by modifying the antibody Fc side It has been used in Ultomiris, an approved long-acting complement antibody Improving the stability of antibodies in the blood helps to prolong the effectiveness of neutralizing antibodies to prevent viral infections, allowing high-risk groups to gain immunity for months after receiving a dose of neutralizing antibodies cooperation project in Baiji Shenzhou aims to develop neutralizing antibodies to IgM and IgA new crown viruses IgM and IgA antibodies carry more antigen binding domains than IgG, and they may provide higher binding capabilities , and Molecular Partners is trying to develop a specific antidotic protein neutralized therapy called DARPin protein DARPin protein, like antibodies, can be combined with antigens, its advantage is that it has a smaller molecular weight, and can be linked to multiple DARPin proteins to form a targeted antigen multiple antigen table neutralation therapy According to a recent press release, the DARPin protein developed by the company can simultaneously neutralize the function of the sting protein through three different mechanisms: it can block the binding of the sting protein to the human ACE2 receptor; The company's two candidate therapies entered animal trials in May and are expected to begin clinical trials later this year in addition, Sab Biotherapeutics has genetically engineered cattle to produce genetically modified cattle capable of producing humanized antibodies By injecting the cattle with the new coronavirus antigen, the company has developed a multi-cloned antibody against the new coronavirus The advantage of polyclonal antibodies is that they can be combined with multiple antigen episomeses of the new coronavirus, which may improve the ability of medium and new coronavirus activity According to a recent press release from the company, the polyclonal antibody called SAB-185 had four times higher titer than the plasma of the recovered person in preclinical trials (in this case, the antibody titer is the maximum dilution that produces neutralized results) The company has partnered with CSL Behring to develop the multi-cloned antibody other new technologies used in the development of antibodies for new crown viruses include single-domain "nanoantibodies" that contain only heavy chain variable regions A recent scientific study published in the journal Cell has shown that nanoantibodies obtained from large alpacas can effectively neutralise pseudoviruses of SARS, MERS, and the new coronavirus in in vitro experiments Ossianix is developing new crown virus neutralizing antibodies based on this technology platform these new technologies may improve the effectiveness of viral neutralization therapy in a number of ways, including improving the stability of therapy, affinity with antigens, and expanding delivery pathways Brian Kelly, senior vice president of 's conclusion , said in a post on Nature Biotechnology that the process of developing traditional antibody therapy is a slow one Five years ago, it could take 18 months to get from the discovery of pilot monoclonal antibodies to an IND application for Phase 1 clinical trial However, during the pandemic, it was clear that this pace of development was not sufficient to meet the medical needs of people around the world He said that the preclinical development of antibody therapy during a pandemic can be shortened to 5-6 months Today, the approaching clinical development of several antibody research and development projects validates the results of accelerated development strategies It remains to be seen how COVID-19 antibody therapy will result in clinical studies original title: Junshi / Lilly new crown neutralizing antibodies into human trials, research and development pipeline of what antibody therapy is worthy of attention?
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