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    • Last Update: 2021-03-13
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    Eucalyptus jute is a year-old herb. Also known as hemp, green hemp, hemp. Ligament fiber crops.

    different accounts of the origin of jute, most scholars believe that the origin of long fruit jute is China, the origin of fruit jute is India, Pakistan. Wild jute has been found in southern and southwestern China. Jute has been recorded in the Book of Herbs of the Northern Song Dynasty of China. The world's main producers of jute are Bangladesh and India, with China ranked No. 3. In addition, Brazil, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and other countries have also planted. China's main production area is south of the Yangtze River, with Guangdong, Zhejiang, Taiwan and other provinces more cultivated area. China's long fruit jute cultivation area accounts for about 10% of the jute area;

    jute tropical and subtropical crops, suitable for high temperature and humid climate above 20 degrees C. The minimum temperature of germination is 13 to 14 degrees C. It requires fertile soil and good drainage of sandy loam. In short-sun crops, long fruit jute is more sensitive to sun than round fruit jute. When China chooses the fine varieties of the south to be introduced to the north for cultivation, it can prolong the growth of nutrition and increase the output of fiber significantly.

    main diseases of jute are anthrax and root worm disease. Anthrax mainly harms the hemp stem, the disease spot black-brown, round or oval shape, the disease spot expands and causes the stem skin to rupture, reducing the fiber quality. After the root worm infested, the root of the yellow tumor, corruption after the rupture, so that the hemp strain died, the main pests are small tigers, jute nightings and so on.

    the jute strain is harvested, it is deglued and finely washed. Ungelized hemp is called hemp or hemp, and deglued is called cooked hemp or fine hemp. The washing rate is about 55%. General water staining method degel, when the water temperature is 30 to 35 degrees C, 7 to 8 days can be salvaged.

    jute fiber white, shiny, good moisture absorption performance, fast water, mainly for the production of sacks, linen, but also optional paper, rope, carpet weaving and curtains. Hemp bone can be made activated carbon, fiberboard, etc.

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