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    Kemira expands investment to increase production capacity in Asia Pacific

    • Last Update: 2021-06-10
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      Recently, Kemira (Kemira) announced that the company plans to further expand the Nanjing plant sizing agent production capacity, open a new plant in Ulsan (South Korea) for the production of polymer dry powder, and further increase the production capacity in Asia.

      The new Ulsan polymer powder plant produces high-quality cationic polyacrylamide products, which are mainly used for paper retention and filtration applications, which is essential for the rapid production of modern paper and packaging board.
    The joint venture was jointly established by Kemira and Yongsan Chemicals, a private South Korean chemical company.

      Maria Sederholm, director of Kemira’s global polymer product line, said that the paper and paperboard industry is growing fastest in the Asia-Pacific region, especially consumer-oriented packaging paperboard products.
    At present, most of the new production capacity of all paper products in the world is built in China and other Asia-Pacific regions.
    The newly-built production capacity has improved the local and global supply capacity of Kemira's high-quality polymer dry powder, and promoted the development of the company's paper pulping and water treatment business in the Asia-Pacific region.

      Alexander Wahl, Director of Kemira’s Global Sizing Products, said: “Kemilla will also start the early stages of the Nanjing sizing agent production base to expand the capacity of the project.
    The investment in the project amounts to several million US dollars.
    Succinic anhydride) is mainly used to improve the water resistance of paper and packaging board.
    At present, Kemira is the main manufacturer and supplier of sizing agents in the Asia-Pacific region, and Nanjing is the world's largest ASA sizing agent production base.
    Kemira is in Nanjing's sizing agent output has been expanding since 2014.

      Wahl also mentioned that the construction of a modern and highly automated third production line in the Nanjing production base will further strengthen our leading position in the industry and enable us to better meet the market's growing demand for high-quality sizing products.
    ASA is the most effective and cost-effective sizing product for packaging and cardboard grade products.
    After the preliminary stage of the project is completed, the project will take about 2 years.

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