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    Kingfa Technology: Actively promote the formulation of recycled plastics standards to help the company's green development

    • Last Update: 2021-12-05
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      [ Star Enterprise of Chemical Machinery and Equipment Network ] Kingfa Technology has always advocated the concept of environmentally friendly and green development, and has continuously increased the investment and research and development of recycled materials
    Recently, the country issued a series of national standards on recycled plastics, of which "Part 8: Polyamide (PA)" was formulated by Fafa Science and Technology

    The release of this standard is a milestone in the company's circular and sustainable development, and it will surely inspire Kingfa Technology to achieve the "dual carbon" goal and create a new chapter


    Chemical machinery and equipment network star enterprise chemical machinery and equipment
      The series of standards for recycled plastics were established in the context of the country’s prohibition on the import of foreign waste and the promotion of the resource utilization of waste plastics.
    It is led by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Standards Committee and other departments under the centralized management of the Plastics Standardization Technical Committee.
    Completed with the joint participation of enterprises

    Kingfa Technology participated in the whole process from standard project proposal, demonstration, project establishment to drafting and review.
    As the secretariat unit of the National Modified Plastics Branch (SAC/TC15/SC10), it was responsible for drafting the GB/T 40006.
    8-2021 "Plastic Recycled Plastics No.
    Part 8: Polyamide (PA)" and participated in the drafting of the general rules of Part 1 of the standard



      As early as ten years ago, in order to regulate the plastic recycling industry, Kingfa Technology proposed a standard proposal for plastic recycling modified materials.
    With the support of the modified plastics branch, it took the lead in drafting the national standard for polystyrene recycling modified materials.
    (GB/T 29645-2013)

    Subsequently, the company has continuously released relevant standards that the company participated in, such as SB/T 11149 "Technical Specifications for Recycling and Sorting of Waste Plastics" in 2015, T/CPPIA 0001 "General Rules for Recycled Plastic Particles" in 2018, and GB/T 38288 in 2019.
    Special materials for the regeneration and modification of plastic polypropylene"

    The successive formulation of these standards has perfected the plastic recycling standard system and formed a comprehensive and systematic normative document system that supports the healthy and sustainable development of the industry

    This series of standards can not only strengthen the recycling value chain of waste plastics, but also promote the downstream application of recycled materials, help regulate the recycled plastics industry, and promote the healthy development of the recycled plastics industry, which is of great significance



      As a supplier of new chemical materials, Kingfa Technology has an annual production capacity of nearly 285,000 tons of recycled plastics
    With the help of the State Key Laboratory for the High-Quality Utilization of Polymer Resources in the recycled plastics industry and the research on the common technology of environmentally friendly high-performance recycled plastics and the high-quality recycling technology of waste plastics, Kingfa Technology is working on environmentally-friendly high-quality recycled plastics.
    Significant results have been achieved in recycling and pre-treatment technology, reuse technology and application technology

    Its recycled plastic products have obtained TÜV Rheinland’s first global recycled plastic content certificate, UL2809 recycled plastic content certification, and Global Recycling Standard Certification (GRS)

    Kingfa Technology has provided services to more than 1,000 international companies in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.
    Its recycled plastic products have been widely used in household appliances, packaging, home furnishing, automobiles, IT, electronics, energy and other industries



      With the implementation of the series of national standards for recycled plastics and the implementation of relevant national recycling economy policies, green plastics, green recycled materials, and low-carbon materials have witnessed vigorous development
    Kingfa Technology will take advantage of the green, circular and sustainable development of new materials, ride the wind and oceans, persist in technological innovation, and create greater glories!


      Original title: Kingfa Technology: Actively promote the formulation of recycled plastics standards to help the company's green development
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