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    Koren's hanging up! Take 15 heavy-weight varieties, 36 over-rated varieties bright eyes, 11 new class 1 drugs, 41 new products on the road

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    Entering 2021, The Colum Pharmaceuticals product line continues to be happy news, 2 injections have been evaluated, 4 injections were approved at that time.
    just past 2020, Colum Pharmaceuticals has had a lot of gains: 15 varieties have been approved, 11 injections have been evaluated, and 2 innovative drugs have been approved clinically.
    there are currently 36 varieties of Columbo (16 of which are the first), 13 of which are injectables.
    imitation drives innovation, the company's 41 newly registered generic drugs in the review, 19 varieties sprint first imitation, 11 new class 1 drugs are in the clinical stage, is expected to be declared in 2021 5-6 NEW IND, KL-A167 injection (PD-L1) submitted to the NDA.
    4 new products to be approved! Take 15 heavyweight varieties Of Colum Pharmaceuticals in the approval of varieties Source: MED2.0 China Drug Review Database Minet data show that Colum Pharmaceuticals' omega-3 fish oil / long-chain fat milk injection, fluorine ratio The registration status of four varieties, such as lovine injection, compound amino acid (15AA-I.)/glucose electrolyte injection and converted sugar injection, has been changed to "in approval" and is expected to be approved for listing in the near past.
    4 varieties are injections, of which 3 varieties are reported according to the new classification, approved will be treated as a review, compound amino acids (15AA-I.)/glucose electrolyte injection is expected to become the first imitation in China, omega-3 fish oil / long-chain fat emulsion sprint domestic second home, fluorobilofen injection sprint domestic third home.
    it is worth mentioning that compound amino acids (15AA-I.)/glucose electrolyte injections, omega-3 fish oil/long-chain fat milk injections are intestinal nutrients.
    , colum's drug has been approved for eight out-of-intestinal nutrition drugs, including three-cavity bags, two-chamber bags and single-bag products.
    if approved, these two products will further enhance the market competitiveness of Colum Pharmaceuticals in the field of intestinal nutrition.
    that in 2020, the Colum Pharmaceuticals product line has been very fruitful.
    meters of intranet data show that in 2020 Colum Pharmaceuticals won a total of 15 generic drugs (24 regulations), of which 12 varieties with a new registered classification was approved, as if through the consistency evaluation.
    Hydrochloric acid valdina non-slice, compound amino acid (16AA-II.) / glucose (48%) electrolyte injection for the domestic first imitation
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