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    Koshun participated in Rong Guiqing's "May Day" fun games for employees

    • Last Update: 2021-02-12
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    News: April 26, organized by the Ronggui General Trade Union, Ronggui enterprise employees to celebrate the "May Day" fun games in Ronggui Stadium opened, from Ronggui's 83 enterprises team, nearly 2000 people participated in this fun sports carnival, the scene is extremely spectacular. After the team's hard work, Koshun won the third prize of this fun games.
    Koshun team
    This fun sports meeting is composed of three sports: pig eight ring marriage, big move, happy forward, according to the rules of the competition, each project needs the athletes to work together, tacit cooperation. Before the game, under the leadership of the captain, the Koshun team actively communicate, scientific team, reasonable allocation of athletes to play, fully demonstrated the team's spirit of collaboration.
    s live event
    the course of the competition, the athletes hand in hand, mutual encouragement and support, highlighting the hard-working, united and enterprising, tenacious team spirit. In the end, after three fierce competition, Ko Shunyong won the third prize of the Fun Games.
    The scene of the competition
    Koshun representative on stage to receive the award
    This Games enriched the enterprise's staff activities, in a relaxed and pleasant and fierce competitive atmosphere soothed the body and mind, enhance the sense of belonging and collective honor of Koshun employees, enhance the cohesion of Koshun enterprises.
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