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    Lack of work and lack of material transportation and marketing is not smooth sugar cane delay should be multi-party cooperation to support the resumption of production as soon as possible

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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      2019/20 sugar industry rebounded, as of the end of January 2020, sugar production and sales overall stable, sugar prices flat slightly increased, but after the Spring Festival, affected by the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, in the production season of southern Gan The main production area of sugar cane is caught in the difficulties of slow production, difficult to sell, poor planting and so on, and even threatens the area and output of sugar cane cultivation in the next squeeze season, thus stabilizing the expectations of enterprises and farmers, and steadily promoting the resumption of production and resumption of work should become a late priority.
    Lack of labor, rising costs, sugar production progress lags behind the 2019/20 squeeze season, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong and other sugar cane main production areas sugar production process more than half, affected by the epidemic, mainly facing the following dilemmas: First, the shortage of sugar cane labor.
    sugar cane production is a labor-intensive industry, labor demand is large, the original shortage of labor cut-off link in the impact of the epidemic is even worse.
    Guangxi production area in the late season surplus sugar cane overall dispersion, large household surplus sugar cane more, the outbreak led to villages to take more closed management, labor difficult to organize and coordinate, cut cane manpower shortage;
    is the increased cost burden.
    due to the shortage of sugar cane supply, sugar plants are mostly reduced production capacity, capacity utilization rate is not high, such as Guangxi capacity utilization rate is only about 30%-70%.
    is the production schedule delayed.
    sugar factory can not smoothly obtain accessories, accessories, individual sugar factory shutdown, seriously affecting the progress of the squeeze season.
    such as Yunnan Province, 10 sugar factories stopped production for 7-17 days, sugar production decreased by 496,000 tons.
    , Guangxi due to the shortage of sugar cane sources, inter-enterprise "grab" raw materials cane situation is more prominent.
    the short term, the outbreak will lead to a delay in the sugar-squeezing season, higher costs, market order affected.
    long term, although all sugar cane will be squeezed, the resulting changes in sugar content and sugar production remain to be seen.
    demand is depressed, channels are blocked, inventory is facing "overload" 2019/20 squeeze season, sugar cane main production areas are still in an important period of sales, affected by the outbreak, sugar distribution and marketing has been hit: First, sales area demand is depressed.
    due to the economic development is suspended, short-term consumption is weak, the decline in demand in the sales area led to the stagnation of sugar sales, prices gradually fell, the return of funds slowed down.
    second is the poor transport of sugar.
    sugar cane main production area is affected by closed management, some sugar transport vehicles can not work normally.
    such as Yunnan due to transport vehicles difficult to find, transport time extended, resulting in a year-on-year increase in freight rates of 40-60 yuan / ton.
    third is that inventory is facing "overload".
    products can not be effectively shipped increased the pressure on sugar factory inventory, must pay attention to check to prevent the return of stock sugar melting lumps.
    , Guangxi and Yunnan experienced rainy and cold weather, the sugar factory put forward higher requirements.
    In the short term, the outbreak has increased the pressure on businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises with relatively weak risk response capabilities, and in the long term, it may change the industry landscape and further accelerate the survival of the industry.
    planting delayed, agricultural capital is rare, affecting the next squeeze season production of Chinese sugar cultivation is mainly concentrated in poor areas of the old and young, sugar crops are to ensure the livelihood of sugar cane farmers, to help fight poverty an important means.
    the outbreak affected spring farming: First, the cultivation of sugar cane farmers was delayed.
    Affected by the drought years ago and the overlay of the epidemic years later, Guangxi cane transfer, machine tillage work seriously lags behind, because of labor difficulties, so far large sugar cane farmers can not grow sugar cane as planned;
    is that agricultural transport is blocked.
    more than two sugar cane areas of the main road closed to varying degrees, fertilizer, sugar cane species can not be timely distribution to farmers, affecting the use of fertilizer, sugar cane cultivation, delay agricultural time.
    is the next season of production.
    the outbreak continues to affect the replanting of newly planted sugar cane, coupled with the timely impact of cutting harvest on the production of sugar cane, the next squeeze season planting area and production will have a negative impact.
    the short term, affecting the progress of the current season and sugar cane cultivation plans, in the long term, if not timely resumption of production, will affect the next squeeze season production.
    multi-party efforts to accelerate the resumption of normal operation of the sugar industry in response to the current outbreak, must be multi-pronged, multi-pronged, the government, enterprises, associations, the exhibition director, a total of difficult times.
    government to do more and take more measures to tide over the difficulties.
    first is to open the circulation of the "mesoth veins".
    to the central call, combined with local reality, we should urgently correct the unreasonable road-breaking practices of some counties, townships and villages, ensure the smooth flow of people, materials and products, and promote the resumption of work.
    is to play a financial role.
    Combined with local reality, orderly classification of the introduction of sugar enterprise support policies, during the epidemic prevention and control, enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce the burden of taxes and fees, financial loans, financial subsidies and other support, especially during the outbreak of enterprises with donation behavior, to be appropriately tilted, through the maintenance of enterprise operations, stability of farmers' expectations, to ensure the stability of the sugar industry.
    efforts of enterprises, steady and orderly resumption of production.
    is to prevent and control production.
    continue to strengthen the sugar cane production, sugar production chain supervision, prevent the import and spread of the epidemic, and actively communicate with the "point-to-point" sugar cane areas, and strive to achieve safe and sustained production during the epidemic period.
    is to use the network to expand sales.
    to give full play to the advantages of e-commerce and other online channels, combined with big data reasonable arrangements for production and marketing progress, and strive to reduce storage, reduce losses, improve efficiency, increase revenue.
    is to help farmers busy spring farming.
    should clarify social responsibility, coordinate agricultural capital, serve farmers, organize cut harvests, stabilize farmers and enterprises' expectations, and achieve a win-win situation.
    the Association to help coordinate the smooth flow.
    is to communicate with enterprises to adjust resources.
    the role of the Association, organize industry strength, strengthen industry self-discipline, and actively do a good job in guiding and cross-regional coordination and management.
    is to communicate information from government and enterprises.
    to implement the functions of the Association, to reflect upward the industry problems, difficulties and expectations collected in the epidemic, to convey the spirit of government work down, to act positively, to promote the formation of support policies more timely, accurate, more rapid and effective implementation.
    is to coordinate production and marketing to stabilize the market.
    to play the advantages of the association, collect and publish production and marketing information, crack the information caused by poor "can not sell, can not buy."
    (author: Rural Economic Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs)
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