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    Lancet: Atezolizumab-Vemurafenib-Cobimetinib first-line treatment for advanced BRAF V600 mutant positive melanoma

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    The IMspire150 study, which aims to evaluate the treatment of BRAF, MEK inhibitors and combined immunocheckpoint inhibitors for braF V600 mutant-positive late-stage or metastatic melanoma, was recently published by researchers
    The study was conducted in 112 centres in 20 countriesPatients with stage IIIc-IV, BRAF V600 mutation-positive melanoma who could not be removed were randomly treated with Atezolizumab or a placebo for 28 days, based on Vemurafenib and Cobimetinib treatment, for 1 cycle every 28 daysIn Cycle 1, all patients received only Vemurafenib and Cobimetinib, and atezolizumab placebo sabo sabo seision was added from cycle 2The main result of the study was a progression-free survival rate
    514 patients participated in the study, including 256 in the Atezolizumab group and 258 in the control groupAt the median follow-up of 18.9 months, the progression survival rate of the Atezolizumab group was significantly longer than that of the control group (15.1 vs 10.6 months; The common treatment-related adverse events in the Atezolizumab group and control group (30%) were: elevated blood creatinine phosphokinase (51.3% vs 44.8%), diarrhea (42.2% vs 46.6%), rash (both groups 40) 9%), joint pain (39.1% vs 28.1%), fever (38.7% vs 26.0%), alanine amino transferase (33.9% vs 22.8%), elevated lipase (32.2% vs 27.4%)。 Thirteen percent of patients in the Atezolizumab group and 16 percent of the control patients stopped all treatment saue due to adverse reactions
    The study found that the Atezolizumab-Vemurafenib-Cobimetinib combination therapy significantly increased the progression survival rate in patients with BRAF V600 mutation-positive advanced melanoma
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