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    Lancet Neurology: Early-8 protein-1 E280A normal chromosomal explicit Alzheimer's family plasma nerve wire light chain: a cross-sectional and longitudinal cohort study

    • Last Update: 2020-12-11
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    Early-on-age protein-1 is a large molecular protein on endocytoplasms and goerki bodies, consisting of 467 amino acid residues.
    studies have shown that it is associated with Alzheimer's disease.
    nerve wire light chain (NfL) is an important part of the large-caliber myelin dextide cytostic skeleton, and is a promising biomarker in axon damage and neuron degenerative change.
    NfL concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid, serum and plasma have been used to detect and track neurodegeneration in individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, neuroinfeditation, trauma and cerebrovascular disease.
    In this study, the authors' team used available cross-sectional plasma samples to show NfL concentrations in participants at the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative Registry in Colombia, including age-matched early-onset protein-1 (PSEN1) E280A mutation carriers and non-carriers.
    , vertical plasma samples from carriers and non-carriers with an average follow-up of 6 years were analyzed to determine changes in plasma NfL.
    baseline assessment was conducted on 1,070 PSEN1 E280A mutation carriers and 1,074 non-carriers, of which 242 mutant carriers and 262 non-carriers were measured vertically (on average, 6 years of follow-up).
    Plasma NfL measurements increased with age in both groups (p .lt; 0 0001) and began to distinguish carriers and non-carriers at age 22 (22 years ahead of the estimated meso aged 44 for mild cognitive impairment), although plasma NfL's ability to distinguish carriers from non-carriers reached a high sensitivity only when approaching the clinical age of onset.
    In summary, plasma and serum NfL measurements are useful in detecting neurodegenerative degeneration and axon damage, starting with a slight increase long before the onset of clinical symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, while larger, more sensitive elevations are closer to impending clinical damage.
    this study provides the basis for further exploration of blood-based NfL measurements to provide information for prognosis and to evaluate treatments aimed at preventing Alzheimer's disease and related diseases, some of which are associated with elevated NfL.
    Quiroz, Yakeel T et al. Plasma neurofilament light chain in the presenilin 1 E280A autosomal dominant Alzheimer's disease kindred: a cross-sectional and longitudinal cohort study. The Lancet Neurology, Volume 19, Issue 6, 513 - 521MedSci Original Source: MedSci Original Copyright Notice: All text, images and audio and video materials on this website that indicate "Source: Met Medical" or "Source: MedSci Original" are owned by Mets Medical and are not authorized to reproduce by any media, website or individual.
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