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    Lanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau conducted special inspections of special food, salt and liquor markets before the Spring Festival

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
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      In order to ensure the quality and safety of health food, liquor and salt market during the Spring Festival, with practical actions to implement the "four most stringent" requirements, Lanzhou City Market Supervision Bureau before the Spring Festival to our city health food, alcohol and salt market special law enforcement inspection.
    January 19, the Special Food Section of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau carried out carpet-type inspections on health food wholesale and retail operators along the Ditch in the Seven Rivers District.
    focus on checking the quality of health food products, tickets, labels, special area counters, warning terms, etc., to prevent counterfeit and inferior health food sales, a comprehensive inventory of health food sales risks.
    the inspection found problems in a timely manner to require the jurisdiction's market regulatory authorities to supervise the follow-up rectification.
    In order to implement the "Lanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration Liquor Product Quality and Safety Rectification Work Programme", increase the pre-Spring Festival liquor market counterfeit and inferior product governance, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Special Food Branch joint law enforcement team city clearance team and liquor enterprises to fight fraud personnel, focusing on the pre-festival liquor food safety inspection, strict inspection Demand for tickets, investigate and sell counterfeit "best-selling wine" and "famous wine" to heavy-fisted attack, the implementation of the "four most stringent", crack down on the sale of counterfeit and inferior liquor food behavior, to prevent counterfeit liquor into the Lanzhou market, to ensure the safety of the masses of the purchase of alcohol food.
    the same time, in order to further maintain the order of the salt market, with the provincial salt bureau on the seven-lihe Jingang sugar and wine market, small West Lake halal restaurant supervision and inspection.
    Focus on salt fixed-point wholesale units, retail unit qualifications, salt product quality, purchase and sale of counter accounts, storage and distribution, etc. in line with the Food Safety Law, "salt franchise measures" related provisions of the inspection, the found purchase and sale records are not standardized, salt fixed-point wholesale distribution system implementation is not standardized, salt placement of unscathed walls and other sites for rectification or required a deadline for rectification.
    Through the special supervision and inspection of food safety of special food, salt and liquor before the festival, we have further purified the market operating environment, effectively standardized the market order, and effectively guaranteed the safety of the consumption of special food, salt and liquor food during the festival.
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