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    Large amount of plant essential oil keeps steady export trend

    • Last Update: 2011-08-09
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    In the first quarter of 2011, China's export of plant essential oil products reached US $61.952 million, an increase of 72.3% year on year, accounting for 23.3% of the export of plant extracts Among them, eucalyptus leaf oil is the largest export of plant essential oil products, with an export volume of 31.82 million US dollars in the first quarter, up 75.8% year on year According to the export data, plant essential oil products have great export potential Plant essential oil has always been a traditional export advantage product in China At present, the total output value of China's essential oil industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 5% - 6% China's plant essential oil production accounts for about 40% of the international essential oil market, and 80% is used for export Although the market demand of major essential oil consuming countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan was not strong last year and the year before, the international plant essential oil market began to warm up in the first half of this year, and the quantity and amount of essential oil exported by China picked up rapidly By the end of June this year, China has exported more than 4800 tons of various plant essential oils, with a total amount of $137.8 million Among them, eucalyptus oil is a unique branch, with an export amount of more than $50 million Eucalyptus oil eucalyptus oil is one of the major export essential oil products in China The export volume of Yunnan Province alone is more than 2000 tons, accounting for about 70-80% of China's export of eucalyptus oil It is estimated that the annual output of eucalyptus oil in China is more than 6000 tons, which is increasing year by year The annual export volume is also increasing, and the total export volume of eucalyptus oil in China is maintained at about 3000 tons At present, the output of eucalyptus oil in China is still increasing It is estimated that the output of eucalyptus oil in China will increase by 15% every year It is expected that the world eucalyptus oil market will continue to grow in the next few years Seabuckthorn oil Seabuckthorn is a kind of wild sand fixing plant produced in the desert area of Northwest China In recent years, seabuckthorn oil is very popular in the international market, and has a wide range of uses in perfumery and cosmetics industry Only China and Russia produce and export seabuckthorn oil in the world The United States, Europe and Japan are the main importers of seabuckthorn oil Although there are dozens of enterprises in China producing seabuckthorn oil, most of them are small-scale and are using the old process of "solvent extraction" At present, the international perfume and cosmetics industry prefers seabuckthorn oil with low color, high purity and solvent free residue (produced by supercritical CO2 extraction) At present, the annual production capacity of crude seabuckthorn oil in China is about 800-900 tons, but the actual annual export volume of seabuckthorn oil is only more than 600 tons, and the high-grade seabuckthorn oil produced by supercritical CO2 extraction method only accounts for a small part According to western market analysts, the annual demand for seabuckthorn oil in the international perfume and cosmetics industry exceeds 3000 tons, but the annual output of seabuckthorn oil in China and Russia is not 1800~1900 tonnes, and the market gap is as high as 40% Due to the promising prospect of seabuckthorn oil in the international market, the artificial cultivation of seabuckthorn forest is vigorously developed in the northwest provinces of China, and the output of seabuckthorn oil in China will be greatly increased in the next few years Litsea cubeba oil is only produced in China, so far there is no record of export from other countries In fact, China has the initiative of Litsea cubeba oil in the international market The total reserves of Litsea cubeba in China are at least 70000-80000 tons, the actual annual output is only about 3000 tons, and the export accounts for more than 80% Litsea cubeba oil can be used as a low price substitute for lemon grass oil for the production of common perfume and cosmetics Although only Litsea cubeba oil is produced in China, the price of Litsea cubeba oil in the international market fluctuates from high to low due to the influence of lemongrass oil, resulting in a very passive foreign trade situation of Litsea cubeba oil Once farmers see the purchase price of Litsea cubeba rising, they will go up the mountain enthusiastically to collect Litsea cubeba, and once the purchase price is reduced, farmers would rather let Litsea cubeba rot in the mountain Therefore, the shortage of Litsea cubeba stock is often the obstacle of Litsea cubeba oil export Citronella oil China and Indonesia are the world's largest citronella oil producers and exporters In recent years, the annual sales volume of citronella oil in the international market has been maintained at 5000-6000 tons, of which the total exports of citronella oil from China and Indonesia account for 78% of the international market As Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries vigorously develop the planting industry of citronella, a large number of cheap citronella oil flows into the international market, which has a great impact on the export of citronella oil in China In 2010, only more than 1100 tons of citronella oil were exported However, due to the better domestic market of citronella oil, it makes up for the impact and impact of the decline of citronella oil export quantity on citronella oil industry On the whole, although the international citronella oil market is impacted by a large number of Vietnam Sri Lanka low-cost citronella oil, China still has a stable citronella oil customer base Because citronellol, citronellal and other important pharmaceutical intermediates can be extracted from citronellol, the domestic market demand is guaranteed In recent years, the production of linalool in China has developed rapidly, and the export of linalool has accounted for 80% of the international linalool market volume Compared with synthetic products, natural linalool has pure fragrance and more product advantages Since 1996, Jiangxi Province, with its geographical and climatic advantages, has made great efforts to develop linalool tree planting and natural linalool extraction It has become the largest natural linalool export base in China with an annual output of 80 tons.
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