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    Later this month, Guangdong pharmacies will start the second round of centralized procurement of a batch of medicines to cut prices!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Later this month, pharmacies in Guangdong Province will open a second round of collectionNext, pharmacies will have a batch of drugs, start to cut pricesIn late June, the second round of drugstore collection opened a month ago, Dasamin, Neptune Star and many other chains announced: imported original research and pressure-buck drugs big price reduction, the original price of 65 yuan per box of sugar flat (specs: 50mg x 30 tablets), now each box only 8.9 yuan ..It is understood that the first round of retail drug collection in Guangdong Province involved a total of 22 product regulations, the total purchase amount of more than 110 million yuan, a number of manufacturers to "4 plus 7" band procurement of the winning price even lower than the winning bid price to Guangdong retail pharmacies, the average price decline of 61.2%Moreover, in the first round of retail drug collection in Guangdong Province, nearly 170 drugstore chains, 400 single pharmacies, nearly 10,000 stores signed up to participateAfter this period of time, the second round of retail drug collection in Guangdong Province will begin againAccording to the Southern Metropolis Daily news, guangdong Province, the second round of collection will start in late June, with the increase in procurement units, drug procurement prices are expected to further expand the decline, including the procurement catalog of products will gradually increaseNeed to be reminded that the second round of retail drug collection in Guangdong Province is about to begin, the province has not yet signed up for retail pharmacies or pharmaceutical and e-commerce companies have tenadic registrationRetail pharmacies, at any time to register to help retail pharmacies and other institutions to do a good job of drug supply protection, on April 15 this year, Guangdong Province Drug Trading Center issued a notice, inviting pharmaceutical production and operation enterprises and retail pharmacies, private medical institutions, etcto participate in retail drug trading workAfter that, on May 12, the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Trading Center issued the Measures for the Implementation of Retail Drug Transactions (Trial) of the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as the Measures), which clearly defined the procurement subject, bargaining method, distribution and settlement of retail drug transactions, and opened the curtain on the centralized procurement of pharmaceutical retailin in Guangdong ProvinceAccording to the Measures, retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical and e-commerce enterprises, private medical institutions and procurement consortia can be used as purchasers, at any time in the retail platform to registerHowever, the purchaser also needs to meet the following conditions: 1, comply with the Drug Administration Law of the People's Republic of China and related laws and regulations, have a sound and sound drug management, information system management and other internal management systems to ensure the quality and safety of drugs2, strict implementation of the social medical insurance policy, in the last two years in the social medical insurance and other aspects of no serious violations of the law and punishment3There are no other cases where the relevant laws and regulations are punished4, with independent business premises Retail pharmacies, which are one of the purchasers, are also required to submit registration materials such as the Drug Business License and Business License, the tax certificate of the previous year, and so on If a single pharmacy is registered, the single drugstore shall register directly for its own registration Those belonging to the chain group shall be registered by the chain group headquarters At the same time, pharmaceutical and e-commerce enterprises in addition to retail pharmacy qualifications, but also to submit the Internet drug trading service qualification certificate Retail drug prices to the hospital, will take the negotiation of price reduction Guangdong three medicine as the first round of Guangdong retail drug collection organizers, it also revealed that the future of Guangdong retail drug centralized procurement will also learn from the national negotiating model, through the form of band negotiations to obtain lower prices for retail procurement I believe that everyone is no stranger to the negotiating model, but, the specific which drugs will enter the collection, or unified negotiations to reduce prices, this should be more interesting Of course, for the retail drug negotiation price reduction model, there has been a local precedent, for the next Guangdong Province retail drug negotiations to reduce prices of the choice, has a certain reference significance As early as last November, the official website of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Procurement Network issued "on the 'limited drug storedrug drug comprehensive hanging network open bargaining' and other related matters of work tips", and asked the fixed-point pharmacies and related enterprises to do a good job of bargaining confirmation work It is understood that the first batch of "limited drug stores" there are 701, involving amoxicillin, azithromycin, omeprazole, plate blue root, kramycin and many other pharmacies often sell drugs Details of the 701 drugs are as follows:
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