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    Learn more about Helicobacter pylori.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-07
    • Source: Internet
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    Fast-paced life, high-pressure work, resulting in many people do not have regular, diet irregular, high salt and high oil high fat food intake too much, stomach discomfort symptoms increased, the elderly body function decline, organ aging, bad breath, stomach pain, stomach bloating, now many people have stomach disease.
    cause stoytolic syllas, but one of the most easily overlooked - Helicobacter pylori.
    the World Health Organization reports that Helicobacter pylori is one of the highest rates of infection in the world, with about 4.4 billion People infected with Helicobacter pylori worldwide.
    in China, there are 768 million people infected with Helicobacter pylori, China's Helicobacter pylori infection rate of about 60%.
    Helicobacter pylori is the first culprit of stomach cancer, 90% of gastritis caused by Helicobacter pylori, half of stomach cancer and Helicobacterptobacillus-related, Helicobacter pylori infected with stomach cancer risk increased by 2 to 3 times! Recognize Helicobacter pylori Helicobacter pylori (Hp), is a Gram-negative bacteria, the survival capacity is very strong, it can be parasitic in the gastric mucosa, hidden in small stomach recesses, both to avoid the impact of the stomach acid environment, but also not easy to excrete with food.
    but it will produce toxins in the process of growth and reproduction, damage the gastric mucosa, cause chronic, superficial gastritis and other diseases, and gradually develop into stomach ulcers and even stomach cancer! Data show that 70% of people infected with Helicobacter pylori no symptoms, 10% of people may have indigestion, manifested as bloating, loss of appetite, acid, hiccups, nausea, bitter mouth, bad breath and so on.
    10% to 20% of people may have gastrointestinal ulcers.
    if not intervention treatment, gastric mucosa cells are overwhelmed, can not complete the repair task, can only use intestinal cells to repair, further may lead to low-level lesions, advanced lesions and other precancerous lesions, and finally even evil into cancer.
    "eat in" Helicobacter pylori, can be said to be the most extensive chronic bacterial infection in adults, the national epidemiological survey shows: China's gastric Helicobacter pylori infection rate of up to 59%, 700 million people infected with it, and the transmission of closely related. China's traditional eating habits are a common meal, in fact, this to the spread of Helicobacter pylori provides a hotbed.
    way one: diet is not hygienic, love to eat raw food many people often flow in roadside stalls and other health conditions can not be guaranteed eating places, easy to increase the chance of infection with Helicobacter pylori.
    and such people often prefer stimulating diets, including spicy, tobacco, alcohol, strong tea, etc., can cause the stomach's resistance to decline, to the helicobacter pylori organic can take advantage of.
    in addition, more and more people like to eat three-point cooked steak, raw fish fillets, lettuce and so on, but also hidden crisis.
    way two: oral, saliva and other mouth sending a sweet kiss may also hide killing machine, in addition to adult kissing will be infectious bacteria, patients with gastritis do not pay attention to do not kiss the baby, to avoid the infection of Helicobacter pylori to the baby.
    way three: the spread of daily necessities with Helicobacter pylori people, through saliva and suction pollution bedding, pillows, towels, resulting in infection between families, should often change bedding, pillows and towels.
    way four: raw cold food infection with non-hot cold food, is the most likely to remain with Helicobacter pylori, research confirmed that Helicobacter pylori can survive in tap water for 4-10 days, in the river water survival for up to 3 years.
    so how to prevent Helicobacter pylori one of the main points, is not suitable for raw drinking water, do not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables.
    Helicobacter pylori infection to develop into stomach cancer, but also need to experience chronic superficial gastritis, atrophic gastritis, intestinal epithelial, atypical hyperpluse four stages.
    therefore, as long as we timely block the intestinal epithelial and the previous lesions, while removing Helicobacter pylori, can prevent the occurrence of stomach cancer.
    mild symptoms of Helicobacter pylori can be completely solved without medicine, and traditional drug treatment is very easy to make the virus resistant, the recurrence rate is very high.
    Source: Feather Fermentation.
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