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    Home > Learning the story technique of art film from "living burial"

    Learning the story technique of art film from "living burial"

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    "Living burial" tells the story of Paul, a truck driver affiliated to the US CRT company (military contract contractor), who was hijacked by terrorists during the transportation of daily necessities for the US Army in Iraq, buried in a coffin, and then asked him to ask for ransom from his family But at last, because he failed to perform the contract on time, he was buried alive to death It's a typical art movie, with only one scene from beginning to end: a series of activities of the hero Paul lying in the dark coffin, asking for help from the outside through a mobile phone, and answering the phone of the kidnapper The whole scene only has a lighter, a mobile phone screen, a fluorescent stick and a tiny flashlight to send out a weak light source The lens only shows Paul's head, and the rest is basically in shadow All the plots of the story are displayed through the dialogue of Paul's mobile phone call The only additional picture is the video of a female colleague of CRT company being kidnapped and executed, which was sent to Paul by the kidnapper Obviously, the film is adapted from a short story with the theme of condemning the inaction of the relevant departments of the US government The story is inspired by the fact that Paul was buried alive, and then he made a series of phone calls for self-help Then he experienced many crises, such as snake invasion, fire caused by wine bottle dumping, and sandglass at the top of coffin caused by US aircraft bombing The climax occurred when CRT refused to pay insurance money in the phone call, and when the kidnappers threatened Paul's wife and daughter The ending turned sharply Straight down, Paul is in contact with the Iraqi rescue team (British accent), while the sand is gradually buried, and the picture finally returns to the same darkness as the beginning of the film, which means the hero has suffocated The film is a typical small production Paul is the only actor in the whole play The cost is very low, but the suspense falls out, and the audience's attention is closely held The story reflects Paul's inner changes when he is in danger as an ordinary person, and the emotional fluctuation brought by his communication with the outside world Fear, hope and disappointment, through the artistic processing of sound and light, the movie strengthens the emotional response of the protagonist, making the audience feel like they are in the moment, holding a handful of sweat From the perspective of novel writing, we can learn from this film the design and expression of suspense, conflict and plot.
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