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    Let the world be free of harmful paintings-an interview with Mr. Luo Biao, CEO of Tiger China

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / > MrLuo Biao, CEO of tiger surface technology new materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd< br / > Institute < br / > tiger company has officially entered the Chinese market since 2000After 20 years of development, it has become a leading enterprise in the industryThe development of the company has a huge impact on the development of China's powder coating industryPlease briefly review the development of tiger in China in recent years? < br / > since MrLuo entered the Chinese market in 2000, it has not been smooth sailing in fact, but also gone through a lot of hard early market and cultural break in periodAfter I took over in 2004, tiger China has gradually embarked on the right direction of developmentFirst of all, we positioned ourselves to be the wind vane of high-end quality in the industry in 2004In 2007, we took the lead in introducing the production and process of bonding metal powder into the Chinese market, and introduced sap (ERP) system to normalize and standardize the managementThen in 2008, we established an independent R & D center in ChinaUp to now, both the total investment and the scale are among the best in the industryAs early as 2009, we started the journey of vision, mission and values of tiger China, focusing on the significance of our existence with the team every yearIn 2010, we, together with IKEA and Litai, took the first industrial production of MDF powder spraying technology to the Chinese marketThen we started the second decade of regional expansion processIn Chengdu in 2011 and Qingyuan in Guangdong in 2012, we established production bases and preliminarily completed the regional layoutWe are very proud that the modernization and intelligence level of tiger Suzhou factory and tiger Qingyuan factory are among the best in the industry, laying a solid foundation for our average two digit growth rate in recent years Although we have completed the layout of regions and product lines, we are able to be a 10000 ton enterprise in China's powder coating industry and a leader in the industry's average price and profit, which is inseparable from our high-end market positioning strategy Because we firmly believe that with the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the demand for high-quality, high added value and products with continuous innovation potential will be higher and higher The reason why we always adhere to the high-end positioning is that we firmly believe that as an environmentally friendly coating powder coating has great potential We have done the right thing, and we have done the right thing At the same time, we can't do without tiger China team to make clear our mission and responsibility for the development of the industry We have the same goal and step by step: we have the same people, and we can swallow Wu by 3000 Yuejia! < br / > learn < br / > tiger company always takes innovation as the core What has the company done in innovation in recent years? < br / > LUO Zong < br / > innovation is indeed a core gene of tiger In recent years, we have always insisted on innovation with upstream suppliers and downstream clients to create a win-win situation It includes industry university cooperation and close interaction with strategic partners < br / > because we believe that innovation can never be achieved and completed by ourselves Throughout the development of powder coating industry in the past 40 years, in fact, there are few real innovations in the field of products in recent years Tiger's bonding metal powder and MDF powder spraying technology, super weather resistant fluorocarbon powder, including the antibacterial and antiviral powder that we launched as early as 2009, are just a few examples On the whole, powder coating industry is not good at product technology innovation However, we can learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses through cooperation, and stimulate another form of innovation through value chain alliance and Industry Alliance, such as application innovation and expansion of new market segments Tiger's innovation road is tortuous and long After our experience is extracted, the core is two points: on the one hand, we will make unremitting efforts to invest in R & D and innovation hardware and human resources; on the other hand, we welcome everyone willing to cooperate with us to create together with an open mind, no matter you are a supplier, a customer or a competitor All of these hope to enlighten you Or that sentence: innovation is not an enterprise's business, but a business that needs the upstream and downstream of our whole industry to undertake and promote together < br / > learn to < br / > many peers regard tiger company as "the most localized foreign-funded enterprise" What do you think of this evaluation? < br / > president Luo < br / > I like the saying "the most localized foreign-funded enterprise", which I think is the praise of our peers In fact, the advantages of foreign-funded enterprises are obvious They not only have decades or even hundreds of years of corporate culture heritage, but also have a good management system and technology precipitation However, the disadvantages of foreign-funded enterprises are also very prominent For example, the strategy is generally pushed down from the headquarters without considering the actual situation of the Chinese market Sometimes, the process implementation is rigid, and the cultural characteristics of professional managers are distinct, that is, they only pursue to do things right without thinking how to do the right things The Chinese market is characterized by unpredictable situation, especially the rapid iterative upgrading of demand So the result of the collision between the characteristics of foreign-funded enterprises and the Chinese market is that we often see many foreign-funded enterprises "acclimatized, leading < br / > to the fact that there are only a few foreign-funded enterprises that are able to grow and develop smoothly in China In addition to listed company a's capital operation of continuous M & A, there are only a few enterprises that grow and grow by their own strength step by step.", Tiger should be the only one Our practice is also very simple, that is, "do as the Romans do", that is to say, we will inherit the Western Innovative Culture and excellent management concept, and at the same time, we will organically integrate the Chinese customers' fast response to the new demand and the spirit of daring to be the first to eat crabs, so as to respond quickly in the market field, not to play a big card, focus on customer demand, and play the advantages of both sides to the extreme Another main reason for our success is our organizational structure and structure Our tiger China team is characterized by a large number of foreign executives, but all of them speak Chinese They are very localized, independent and highly independent Although many foreign-funded enterprises seem to be first-class in terms of products, technology and management, their development is still not very ideal The reason is that I think there is a big factor because they are all so-called listed companies, and the primary goal is to maximize the interests of shareholders As a family business, tiger is very pragmatic We value long-term cooperation For family business, it is not the maximization of profits that we pursue, but the centenary foundation of the business can be everlasting and sustainable I am very proud that we have integrated tiger's business philosophy with the needs of the Chinese market in an organic and win-win way < br / > learn < br / > the growth rate of domestic metal powder market is obvious in recent two years As an invisible champion enterprise in this field in the industry, what do you think of this market trend? What do you expect from your peers? < br / > since Mr Luo introduced the production and process of bonding metal powder to the Chinese market in 2007, tiger has not only helped us to become the invisible champion of this industry, < br / > but also brought hope and vitality to the whole industry Our business tenet and philosophy of tiger is always to share our successful experience with you, so as to drive the vigorous development of the whole industry And we believe that the market demand for high-quality, high added value, unique surface effect products will be higher and higher I suggest that if you have the conditions and the ability, you should set up the production equipment as soon as possible, preferably the equipment of European and American brands, because the potential risk of bonding metal powder is the safety production problem Aluminum powder is extremely inflammable and explosive dangerous goods Everyone must go to professional and safe < br / > equipment, otherwise the accident will not only affect the development of your own enterprise, but also drag down the whole industry Tiger company can become the leader of the industry by bonding metal powder I believe that everyone can also make profits by bonding metal powder and establish their own industry status Friends with relevant needs are welcome to consult us < br / > learn < br / > tiger has spent a lot of time and done a lot of work in MDF powder coating With the rise of environmental protection pressure in furniture industry, MDF powder coating has begun to take shape What do you think of the future prospect of this field? < br / > president Luo < br / > in 2010, we were the first to introduce the MDF powder spraying technology of industrial production into the Chinese market The typical application case is our strategic partner Guangdong Qingyuan's Litai furniture I don't think the whole industry has formed enough scale so far, and there is still a lot of room for improvement From the perspective of environmental protection, MDF powder spraying technology can effectively reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde It is an ideal solution for home health coating, far superior to the process of liquid and film coating The reason why MDF powder spraying technology has not been widely promoted and applied is that our peers are not professional enough and have not realized that it is a system solution While considering the powder product itself, we should also consider the overall production line design, production process and quality inspection < br / > so I think MDF and solid wood furniture powder spraying is a promising application field of powder coating For example, combining MDF powder spraying technology with anti-bacterial or anti-virus products will probably become the outbreak point of market demand in the next few years, which can be widely used in schools, hospitals, offices and home scenes Of course, we should also face the limitations of MDF powder spraying technology itself, such as surface effect Our solution is to use powder coating as primer and water-based paint as surface coating, which not only meets the environmental protection and health needs, but also meets the requirements of customers and market for surface effect This is worth learning and discussing Tiger has made sufficient preparation and repositioning in this regard We have established a "value chain alliance of MDF production process" with equipment manufacturers and partners of waterborne wood paint With the overall solution, we can customize the equipment according to the customer's needs, cooperate with powder coating and water-based wood paint coating, so as to meet the needs of environmental protection, emission reduction and surface effect, and provide more choices for the public's healthy life < br / > learn to < br / > digital and intelligent will become the major trend of the industry in the future Please briefly introduce the progress of tiger company in these aspects and suggestions for the industry? < br / > LUO Zong < br / > digitalization and intellectualization are actually complementary concepts From the development trend of the whole industry, especially the manufacturing industry, digitalization and intelligence are the general trend I personally think the powder coating industry in China is relatively backward in this respect When ERP system is popularized, we should consider how to carry out digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading Every enterprise has to face this problem: how to realize the combination of online and offline business If we don't take precautions, we may be subverted by internet giants like Ali and Xiaomi one day In fact, Alibaba is already doing some c2m and C2B platforms, and is trying to force the manufacturing industry "It's not too late to mend," tiger has been preparing for nearly two years in terms of digitalization According to the group's digital development strategy and the characteristics of the Chinese market, we will gradually shift the offline B2B business to online promotion, and tiger China is the group leader We still have four to five important steps in the future It's inconvenient to disclose too many details here I just want to tell you that intelligence and digitalization are the general trend! Some of the major users in the post-90s, the post-90s or the next 20 years have grown up in the digital environment In their opinion, for example, it is common to open the intelligent terminal to select colors and place orders with one button If we are in this area
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