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    Let's take a look at the working principle of magnetic stirrer

    • Last Update: 2022-09-09
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    Magnetic stirrers are laboratory instruments for liquid mixing, mainly for stirring or simultaneously heating and stirring low-viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixtures

    The basic principle is to use the magnetic field of the same-sex repulsion and opposite-sex attraction principle, and use the magnetic field to push the magnetic stirrer placed in the container to rotate in a circle, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid

    With the heating temperature control system, the sample temperature can be heated and controlled according to the specific experimental requirements, maintaining the temperature conditions required by the experimental conditions, and ensuring that the liquid mixing meets the experimental requirements

    Taking advantage of the property of magnetic substances that are of the same nature and repelling each other, the magnetic stirrer is driven to rotate by constantly changing the polarities of the two ends of the base, and the rotation of the magnetic stirrer drives the sample to rotate to make the sample evenly mixed; the sample is heated through the bottom temperature control plate, With the rotation of the magnetic stirrer, the sample is evenly heated to reach the desired temperature; by adjusting the heating power, the heating speed can be controlled, so as to be suitable for a wider sample processing process

    The general magnetic stirrer has two functions of stirring and heating

    Specifically, the reactants are mixed uniformly, and the temperature is uniform; the reaction speed or evaporation speed is accelerated, and the time is shortened
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