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    Let's talk about the supporting equipment for pill production - vibrating screen pill machine

    • Last Update: 2022-05-05
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      [Pharmaceutical Network Technical Article] Pills refer to pills made of fine powder of decoction pieces with water as a binder.
    The preparation process requires batching, crushing, sieving, mixing, drying, and packaging


    When the pills are successfully made, the classification of the pills also needs to be processed by the supporting equipment for pill production - the vibrating screen pill machine, to screen out the pills of different purposes and different grades, and remove the continuous pills and residual pills

       The principle of the vibrating screen shot machine is to use the vibration motor to excite the source of vibration power, so that the material is thrown up on the screen and moves in a straight line.
    Various specifications of oversize and undersize are produced and discharged from their respective outlets


       It is understood that the vibrating screen pill machine will not cause pollution in the drug production process, and it is the standard choice for material screening and classification in the pharmaceutical industry

    Since GMP has very high requirements on the material and selection of pharmaceutical production equipment, medical vibrating screen equipment needs to be built in strict accordance with GMP requirements to ensure the quality and safety of the sieved drugs

       For example, in the selection of materials, the vibrating screening equipment used for pills must be made of stainless steel 304 or even 316, and the parts in contact with the material are not allowed to be contaminated by impurities.
    The equipment must be carefully cleaned with alcohol before leaving the factory.
    , no black spots, no burrs; in terms of accessories, it is required that the rubber accessories must meet the medical-grade hygiene standard (silica gel), and the medical screening equipment must pass the GMP production standard


       In recent years, in response to strict GMP standards, some vibrating screen pill machine manufacturers have continuously improved and upgraded equipment to meet the requirements of pill screening

    At present, the vibrating screen pellet machine has been widely used in scientific research units, laboratories, inspection rooms, etc.
    in the pharmaceutical and other industries, and is used for inspection, screening, classification, particle size analysis, and debris content analysis of solid, powder, slurry materials and other materials.

       It is worth mentioning that although the vibrating screen pill machine can basically meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, many users often have some problems during use, which may be the quality problems of the equipment itself, or the equipment has been used.
    A series of adverse reactions caused over time


       For enterprises, when choosing vibrating screen pellet machine equipment, they should look for the supplier's qualifications, brands and other aspects

    In addition, in the process of using the equipment, the operator needs to pay attention to maintenance on the one hand; on the other hand, in order to stabilize the production and operation, the operator also needs to master some common equipment failure methods

       For example, material on the screen may drain too fast, not drain, or jump too high on the screen

    There is no need to worry when this kind of situation occurs.
    The technician pointed out that this is actually not the fault of the vibrating screen, and the phase angle of the motor in the vibrating screen shot machine is not well adjusted


    In this regard, the operator can adjust the angle between the upper and lower ends of the vibrating screen motor, so that the material can be discharged faster or slower on the screen

    In general, the larger the angle, the longer the material stays on the screen surface, and vice versa

    In addition, the weight of the vibrating motor can also change the height of the material jumping on the screen surface

       The maintenance of the vibrating screen pellet machine is also very necessary, which is related to the life of the equipment

    When maintaining the vibrating screen shot machine, the operator should feed the material along the screen surface in the moving direction of the material, and control the material to be evenly distributed on the entire plug surface, and there should be no overload phenomenon

    At the same time, it is necessary to regularly check the fever degree of the main bearing, which should not be too high; check whether the linear vibrating screen equipment is stable

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