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    Li Gang: Carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirit and create a first-class enterprise

    • Last Update: 2022-03-16
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    Editor's note: Start a new journey and compose a new chapter.

    Located in the capital of Beijing, Yanshan Petrochemical is one of Sinopec’s 12 ten-million-ton refineries and 10 large-scale ethylene plants.

    Especially in late February this year, at the critical moment when the country’s new crown epidemic prevention and control is the most strenuous, in response to the severe situation in which the core material of mask meltblown cloth is in short supply, the price index of meltblown cloth is rising, and the market is "difficult to find", we Actively responding to the call of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, under the strong leadership of the party group of Sinopec Group, we will cross-border the production of melt blown cloth, the core material of masks, at the construction speed of "Vulcan Mountain".

    I will focus on reporting the specific situation from five aspects:

    The first is to improve political positions and shoulder the mission.

    The second is to quickly assemble the team and take the initiative to fight.

    The third is to persist in making decisions and to make overall and detailed planning.

    Fourth, cadres take the lead in setting an example and take the lead in resolute implementation.

    Fifth, all the staff are united and united with great strength.
    At the construction site, we shouted the slogan "For the masks, we did it.
    " The word "fighting" is the control of progress, the pursuit of quality, and the guarantee of safety.
    The word "fighting" is the day and night hard work, dedication and responsibility of Yanshan Petrochemical people.
    In the 140-meter-long, 24-meter-wide, and 12-meter-high factory building, there are at most 800 people participating in the construction taking turns.
    Three to five times under normal circumstances, to ensure safety, quality, and schedule and schedule.

      In fact, the whole process has not been smooth sailing.
    Our meltblown cloth workshop is renovated on the basis of an old warehouse.
    In the original design, the height of the equipment exceeds the height of the plant.
    If the old plant is raised as a whole, it will not be completed in half a month! At this time, party members, leading cadres, engineering and technical personnel calculated overnight and worked through the night, and finally worked out a solution at 2 o'clock in the morning, realizing the "golden one meter" setting.
    The installation is completed, and the next thing that will test us is to start construction.
    Interlaced like a mountain, in order to ensure that the superfine fibers that meet the standards are ejected, our technicians hunched their waists and curled up.
    In a narrow space of 80 cm high, with one eye open and one eye closed, 5700 were cleaned.
    Spinning holes lasted for five or six hours, and finally produced qualified products 2 days in advance, fulfilling my pledge!

      During the construction of the project, we also organized the first 48-hour uninterrupted webcast in the history of Sinopec, which was watched by more than 17 million people online.
    Related news appeared on CCTV news broadcasts and focus interviews several times in a short period of time.
    With mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency and People's Daily, it has greatly condensed people's hearts and boosted morale.

      At present, Yanshan Petrochemical has responded to the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the autumn and winter seasons in advance.
    It has a stable production capacity of 90, 95, 97.
    5 and other 3 grades of melt blown cloth, which can be used to make ordinary medical masks, N95 masks and children's national standard masks, and continue Maintain production capacity and ensure timely and adequate supply.

      In the next step, we must continue to adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, earnestly implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, vigorously promote the great anti-epidemic spirit, and strive to be the first, carry the red flag, and create courageously.
    First-class, under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and ensuring the supply of prevention and control materials, we will unswervingly hold on to the annual mission goal and make greater contributions to promoting the country's economic and social development and achieving the "six stability" and "six guarantees" goals.
    (Li Gang)

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