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    Li Xiaoming: House prices are definitely going up before China completes its urbanization mission

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
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    : 2015 Boao Forum for Asia opened in Hainan, NetEase Finance to this forum for a full range of coverage. In an exclusive interview with NetEase Finance, Li Xiaoming, president of Dihai Group, said that until China completes urbanization, house prices will certainly rise, but that the government can play a role in the problem of rising more or less. Too high too much, not only the people's tolerance problems, but also affect the entire industrial chain, the country's macroeconomic problems, even financial problems, there will be so-called bubbles. But until China's urbanization task is completed, house prices are sure to rise.
    Speaking of the Real Estate Registration Regulations, Li Xiaoming said that it is a very simple, for the government to a management means, management methods only, until now about how many properties in the country, how many properties in the hands of ordinary people, how many areas of property built in China, the government did not count, it carried out real estate registration, at least know how many square meters of houses existing in the country, this matter should not be interpreted too much.
    "Text Record"
    NetEase Finance: Welcome to NetEase Finance Boao interview column. Our prime minister's report this year put forward a real estate requirement is to stabilize housing consumption, compared to previous years on the real estate wording, may be from the previous inhibition to stability, you feel like such a release of a policy signal, the impact on the overall market?
    Li Xiaoming: First of all, I think the status of the real estate industry and its definition, the real estate industry is an important force driving our economic development, but also the pillar industry of national economic development, this status has not changed, no matter how the country's current macroeconomic situation changes. Why is that? This is determined by the national conditions of our country. Our country's urbanization rate is now more than 52% according to the official caliber, but in fact the urbanization rate is only more than 30%, that is, the real urban hukou, the real has been converted from the status of farmers to urban residents, in fact, only more than 30%. Even in accordance with the urbanization rate of more than 52%, really to calculate a country completed urbanization, it should be reached 70%-75%, in order to be a country really completed urbanization, at present only 52% of urbanization, from more than 50% to more than 70% and more than 20 points.
    Now according to the current situation in our country, every year 20 million farmers to enter the city, there are 7 million college graduates, these data are open to find, so every year nearly 30 million people to enter the city, to employment, to enter the city. Similarly, this group of people to have housing, to the city after he must have housing, since he has been the identity of farmers into urban residents, first of all, live and work, he has to live in a place, can talk about a good decent job, in order to improve life, so from this point of view, no matter how the macroeconomic situation of our country changes, the status of the pillar industry of the real estate industry will not change, it is to pull our country's economic development is an important force will not change.
    So this year the Prime Minister in the government work report said, to stabilize housing consumption, from last year, the previous year's real estate market regulation, curbing the overheating of real estate to stability, I think maybe next year is not only stable, may be actively promoting the development of the real estate industry, this is actually no problem. The development of real estate and our country's macroeconomic situation has highs and lows, it can not be a straight line, or there is a rise, it may have such a year in the middle, wavy, but always upward, at this point I am firm, and I believe that in China's real estate at least twenty years. Why? We still have twenty points for urbanization in China, one point a year. So at this point, this is my understanding of the Prime Minister's government work report this year, so why stabilize housing consumption, that's it.
    NetEase Finance: The real estate registration system has been talking about in recent years, but on March 1st, like this, that is to say, the Provisional Regulations on Real Estate Registration were put into effect, and the boots were on the ground. Because there may have been voices saying before that this is the purpose of curbing some speculative properties, what do you think this might be for? Do you think there is any effect on such inhibition?
    Li Xiaoming: I think we have too many real estate registration regulations, or real estate tax on it attached to other things, in fact, it is very simple, for the government to say a management means, management methods only, so far about how many properties in our country, how many properties in the hands of ordinary people, how many areas of property built in China, the government has no number, it is real estate registration, at least know how many existing houses in the country I square meters, I think it is very simple, this matter should not be interpreted too much.
    of course I think it might play the most important role, that is, the official's property disclosure can play the best role, why?" You so register who has a few houses under the name, it is clear, but the official group, the so-called all-China civil servants is 6 million people, this is you can go to the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs to check, that is, there are only 6 million civil servants, only 60 million people eat financial food, that is to say, only 60 million people supported by the financial, Compared to 1.3 billion people, this is a very small number, perhaps this part of the population may be a little more sensitive to real estate registration, but the 6 million people in the real estate, real estate registration feel uncomfortable may still be very few, most of the civil servants are law-abiding, there is no opportunity to do anything, he is also through his own labor, through his own wages to save money to buy a house, he also has little impact.
    as for ordinary people, for ordinary citizens, real estate registration? Registration on the registration, the tax on the tax, this I have money I buy a few more sets, I can buy a few more sets, pay more tax on the end of the dragonfly, and this tax relative to the price of this property price or small number, so I think the real estate registration, or real estate tax, there is no need for too much interpretation. My understanding is just a macro-management measure of the government, this is my understanding of real estate registration.
    NetEase Finance: In recent years, many places of some provident fund policy began to be more and more relaxed, there are voices that may be the policy in further rescue, and today the Ministry of Land is also sent some text, you think that the current market is not because of the end of this (06:23) or relatively high, like from this year's developers of some enterprises are actually seen, the increase is actually relatively small, even if there is a relatively small increase, you think the current market is how?
    Li Xiaoming: Or to go back to the positioning of our country's real estate industry just now, it is a pillar industry, real estate is a very long chain, from the beginning of buying land, building houses, buying land after I want to do planning and design, a lot of designers; Hire a large number of migrant workers to work; the house built after I have to decorate; the process of building a house in addition to steel, cement, there are many, glass doors and windows, pipes, water pipes, gas pipes, wires, need a lot of raw materials, build a building, that is one, a building how many migrant workers are working, how many professional team to come in construction.
    house built, happy to move to a new home, to decorate it? To
    ah, plasterboard ah, a lot of things. After the decoration, I have to go in to buy furniture bar, buy furniture also have to buy electric bar, home appliances inside white goods, black appliances, refrigerators, televisions, audio, this industrial chain is very long. You can build a house may involve thousands of people, involving a lot of professional team to serve.
    Finance: Do you mean, in fact, you need to rescue the market now? So I actually think...
    Li Xiaoming: I do not think that the need to rescue the market, that is to say, the first two years are in the macro-control, inhibition is good, macro-control, nothing but that is to say, these are the government's intervention in the market, nothing but now return to the normal, the original government intervention in the market some means to exit the market, exit to let the market play the role of the market, the government's hands do not interfere too much in the market, I think, is not? You can also understand as a rescue, you can also be understood as a mutual original, nothing but the same thing how to express things.
    Finance: What do you think this year's housing prices will be like?
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