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    Lianhua Qing plague has anti-viral anti-inflammatory effect on new coronavirus, which won the Global Outstanding Paper Award

    • Last Update: 2021-01-02
    • Source: Internet
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    On March 17, 2020, the research paper "Lianhua Qing plague has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect on the new coronavirus" was published online in Pharmacological Research, which has been cited more than 100 times and recognized by the international medical community.
    this is a basic research article on the effective resistance of Chinese medicine to the new coronavirus SARS-Cov-2.
    The results of this paper show that lily plague can significantly inhibit the replication of new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in cells, significantly reduce the expression of virus particles in cells after treatment of cohua-clear plague, and can significantly inhibit the inflammatory factor TNF-a, IL-2 caused by new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infected cells. 6, MCP-1 and IP-10 gene overexpression, the results confirmed that Lianhua Qing plague by inhibiting virus replication, causing viral granular body changes and inhibiting the expression of host cell inflammatory factors, thus playing the role of anti-neocytoviral activity, for Lianhua Qing plague combined with existing treatment methods to treat COVID-2019 application provides a basis.
    On the basis of the research results of this thesis, Zhong Nanshan academicians, etc. as academic guidance, jointly with Wuhan University People's Hospital, Guangzhou Medical University First Affiliated Hospital and more than 20 new coronary pneumonia treatment hospital jointly carried out the "Chinese medicine Lianhua Qing plague treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia forward-looking, random, controlled, multi-center clinical research", the results published in the international botanical field of higher impact factors in the journal Phytomedicine.
    results show that the application of Lianhua Qing plague capsule oral 14 days can significantly improve the rate of improvement of new coronary pneumonia fever, fatigue, cough and other clinical symptoms, significantly improve lung imaging lesions, shorten the duration of symptoms, improve the rate of clinical cure, curb the deterioration of neo crown disease.
    Based on a large number of accurate basic experimental and clinical research evidence, on April 12, the State Drug Administration approved Lianhua Qing plague capsules/particles to increase the treatment of "new coronavirus pneumonia light, common type" of new adaptations on the basis of the original approved adaptation.
    the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, Chinese medicine has played an important role in the fight against the epidemic.
    The combination of Chinese and Western medicine and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine is the key and bright spot of China's epidemic prevention and control, and the vivid practice of Chinese medicine's heritage and positive innovation shows that the research in the field of chinese medicine antiviral has a bright future and will surely inspire more scientific and technological workers to explore in depth.
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