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    Liansu high strong consolidation Holdings continued to increase

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    Liansu 1901 contract opened at 9600 yuan, the highest to 9680 / ton, the lowest to 9555 yuan, closed at 9630 yuan, up 50 yuan, or 0.
    52%, the volume was 218646, and the position increased by 8642 lots, reporting 327494 lots

    Continuous plastic

    News: In July, the demand of the agricultural film industry was still in the off-season transition period, and the average operating rate rose slightly to about
    It is expected that the production of agricultural film will continue to improve in August, and the demand for agricultural film is expected to increase
    The production of double-proof film, grout film and high-end PO shed film in North China will be expanded, and downstream dealers will reserve orders
    before the peak season.
    Film companies mostly stock up on the dip this month to prevent prices from rising when
    the peak season comes.
    The inventory of enterprises above designated size is maintained at about 15 days, and the inventory of small and medium-sized enterprises is 6-8 days

    Raw material price: naphtha CF Japan reported 659 US dollars / ton, up 0.
    65%; FOB Singapore traded at $72.
    76 a barrel, up 0.

    ethylene CFR Northeast Asia 1360 US dollars / ton, up 10 US dollars; CFR Southeast Asia was flat at $1235/mt

    Spot price: Southeast Asia was flat at $1120; Far East reported 1100 yuan / ton, unchanged
    Domestic price: North China Daqing reported 9800 yuan, up 100 yuan; East China Yuyao reported 9750 yuan, up 50 yuan; South China Guangzhou 9700 yuan, flat; Northwest Dushanzi 9850 yuan, up 150 yuan

    Liansu 1901 contract consolidated strongly at a high level, and positions continued to increase
    Fundamentally, petrochemical companies raised prices and the decline in social inventories formed a certain support for prices, but after many days of rise, there was a certain profit selling pressure
    in the short term.

    There is a technical divergence, the MACD indicator fluctuates higher, and the clam KDJ indicator continues to be in a top divergence state, and it is necessary to guard against technical adjustments
    in the short term.
    In terms of operation, investors can reduce their holdings at high prices when they rise sharply, and drop their pockets for safety

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