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    Liaoning: 26 kinds of illegal drugs medical device health food advertising exposure

    • Last Update: 2020-05-13
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    the Liaoning Food and Drug Administration recently exposed a number of illegal drugs medical device health food advertisingMonitoring found that in December 2014 in the administrative area of Liaoning Province, the publication of serious illegal and illegal drug and health food advertising a total of 1085 times, involving 26 varieties of products, the food and drug regulatory authorities in Liaoning will continue to strengthen the supervision of pharmaceutical, medical devices and health food advertising to ensure the safety of public diet and drug useSuspected serious illegal and illegal advertising, serious misleading and deceiving consumers typical are:advertising marked name as "Crown Tongyi Pulse Capsule", approval of the article number "National Drug Code Z20060395" of the drug, the generic name is "YiguanKang Capsule", the drug is a prescription drug Advertising may not be published in the mass media, at the same time, unapproved, exaggerated efficacy, such as "professional treatment of cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral atherosclerosis, etc."; Back home to eat a grain, about 20 minutes or so, the effect is very good ..Size to ask others to help, now life is completely self-care."the advertisement marked the name "Youutai anti-bone growth tablet", the approval number "National drug quasi-word Z22022692" of the drug, the generic name is "anti-bone hyperplasia tablets", the drug is a prescription drug, not advertised in the mass media At the same time, unapproved release, exaggerated efficacy, such as "professional treatment of cervical vertebral disease, shoulder inflammation, lumbar disc protrusion, sciatic nerve pain and other types of rheumatism bone disease";advertising named "Fengschke shuaching pain tablets", approval number "national drug quasi-word Z20055240" drugs, the generic name is "Shu-hamstring pain tablets", the advertisement was released without approval, using the patient's name as proof, such as "last year I felt special pain in the waist ..Eat the second and third course of treatment, buy rice to buy noodles can walk away."advertising marked with the name "heart-raising paste", the approval number "national drug quasi-word Z43020230" of the drug, the generic name is "heart-raising paste", the advertisement seriously tamperwithwithwith disapproved the approval content, contains unscientific efficacy assertions and guarantees, such as "it makes long-lasting Untreatable heart disease patients free stent, do not bridge, a box to change back to normal people," "national medicine heart paste can be stubborn heart scale into water, heart disease as long as cured, will not be committed in the future"; I've had a heart attack for more than twenty years, three boxes, okayLiaoning Food and Drug Administration reminded that consumers pay attention to the screening of drugs, medical devices and health food advertising authenticity, can go to the State Food and Drug Administration website data query center to query approved advertising information, beware of being deceived.
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