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    Libang to promote the quality of household consumption for 270,000 families to refresh their lives.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-16
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    "Quality consumption, a better life" is the Chinese Consumer Association put forward the
    consumer rights theme, the China Consumer Association advocates operators to quality consumption as a guide, and constantly improve the quality of products and services to meet consumer demand for quality consumption. During this year's two sessions, there were many references to "good life" and to create a better life through "high-quality development
    to meet people's sense of gain, well-being and security. For Libang, from the proposed new brand proposition "Libang, for you to refresh life", it is hoped to bring consumers more "home" of the good, because "home" every change and update is a symbol of life to a new stage. To this end, Libang digs into the consumer's "refresh demand", with professional, quality and family warmth with consumers to establish a good communication, from the
    online Libang refresh service
    , has been in the country's
    cities for more than
    million families, in a safe and convenient new experience to improve happiness, to achieve a better life.china Consumer Association in
    thetheme of consumer rights protection, pointed out that after the reform and opening up
    years of rapid development, consumer demand has undergone profound changes, consumption upgrading trend is significant. Consumer demand from "food and clothing" to "quality type" leap, "quality consumption" has become a new demand for consumption. People's consumption needs are no longer limited to meeting basic living needs, but more attention to the quality of goods and services, more emphasis on brand and reputation. From
    entered China in 1992
    , Libang also accompanied by the continuous upgrading of China's consumption structure, with the times to propose brand upgrades, from the sales role to all-round coating service providers, and constantly promote the industrial structure, to develop a new blueprint in line with the characteristics of the times and the internal needs of consumers.. On the road of transforming services, Libang gives full play to the "service effect" and, in the image of the all-round coating service provider, closely links the consumer with the brand proposition. Through the establishment of
    network platform, the assembly of
    000 designers and consumers to carry out in-depth communication, jointly discuss design style, realize the dream of consumer private customization of home furnishings; Home ware "brand library first resident brand, deep-cultivated children's home improvement field, participate in the development of children's paint standards to the introduction of small prince children's paint, is committed to creating a rich and interesting, environmentally friendly health, peace

    of mind and rest assured of the growth space;
    years, The Libang Refresh Service
    has been launched in 95
    , completing nearly
    000 single orders, of which 28%

    from older customers.. In the future, Libang will adhere to the concept of consumer demand-centered development, focusing on meeting the personalized needs of consumers, further to the direction of the whole system of steady development, to help create a better life for consumers.
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