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    Light up the Christmas dream bringcolorful blessing "for love color" visit Jinxin Primary School in Sichuan.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-13
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    9," "For love of color" together with the famous architect of "Dream Transformer" Ben Yishi, public welfare partner Ma Yun Foundation, Asian Animal Foundation, ExpressBiya, as well as The Company's CEO Huang Shoujin, Libang China
    Architectural Coatings
    Group Vice President Sun Ronglong, Libang China Construction
    Coatings Mr. Qiu Hongliang, General Manager of production and supply chain of the west district of
    Business Group, Huang Shengtao, executive vice president of Libang China's China Decorative Coatings Division, Qin Quansheng, director of the Chengdu factory of Libang China
    Industrial Coatings
    , and volunteers from Libang employees and dealers came to Xichangjin New Primary School in Sichuan Province to visit the children and bring Christmas presents. Jinxin School, one of the 2019 "For Love Color" art and school painting, by the Argentine wall painting artist Animalitoland and the famous Japanese architect Ishii, respectively, the school wall painting design, designed to blend the local scenery and The Yi elements.
    "For Love Color" Visits Jinxin Primary School

    Sichuan Home "Journey Santa Claus descends on the foot of the cool mountain
    Jinxin Primary School is located in Xichang City, Sichuan Xing town, under the situation of The Walang Mountain, the principal is "moved to the cool mountain one of the top ten people" Ms. Luo Wei. The school currently has more than 400 students in grades 1 to 6
    , most of whom are left-behind children whose parents are working outside the home. The early winter sun had just crossed the top of the mountain and the "Love Color" team arrived at Jinxin Primary School. Long distance Lawton's fatigue, when i see the school teachers and students, suddenly disappeared most of the. The children put on the ethnic minority costumes of the Yi ethnic group, sang songs written by the school teachers, pure and moving songs, so that the volunteers were deeply moved.
    children at Jinxin Primary School sing the Yi song
    "Look! "With the presence of Santa Claus dressed as The Famous Architect of "Dream Makeover" by Huang Shoujin, the chief executive of the Standing Group, and the famous architect of "Dream Makeover", the children cheered, and no one could have imagined that, in the depths of the mountains, the red-dressed white-bearded "Love Angel" would suddenly descend. It doesn't matter if there are no moose and sleds, but the big bags containing gifts are drum bags. The children were in full swing, waiting for Santa Claus and volunteers to hand out gifts, and the festive atmosphere brought the whole playground into the "Christmas hour". Huang Shoujin, ceo of
    Lishi Group, sent gifts to the children
    "Dream Transformer" famous architect Ben Guishi sent gifts for the children
    after the gift session,
    5th and 6th grade students stay edited up in four teams, with volunteers began to take a physical education class, tug-of-war, sandbags, kangaroo jump ... A series of competitions turned the scene into a sea of joy, while in the classroom, students in grades 1 to 4 took art classes under the guidance of volunteers, and at the end of the joint painting of the tree of hope, a colorful palm print, the children's dreams, are pressed on the tree of hope.
    Happy Physical Education Class
    Happy Art Class
    Leaping Paper Art Greetings from pampas Prairie
    as one of the schools
    2019 "Love Color" art and painting, as early as May, from the Argentine wall painting artist Animalitoland came to Jinxin Primary School, brought a wall painting work called Vision "Vision". The child in the painting also has the face of the local child's black and simple. On top of his head is a small school-like building, surrounded by mountain views. The painted walls are drawn from the original colors of local specialty costumes, symbolizing the ability for children to dream of shining at all times. "Life is always full of surprises. Some of them will make you happy, and some will make you sad. But it's important not to lose your mind. Children's dreams can shine all the time and are active in their hearts! "Animalitoland believes that her voice will be passed on to the children through her work, and that it will open a colorful window for their young hearts.
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