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    Lijin biology and methadone cooperate to evaluate the efficacy of keytruda combined with CD137 agonist

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    Transferred from: Medical Mission Hills < br / > recently, lyvgen announced a clinical trial cooperation agreement with MSD's subsidiaries to evaluate the efficacy of lvgn6051, the second generation 4-1BB (CD137) agonist of lyvgen, and keytruda, the PD-1 inhibitor of MSD, in the treatment of multiple malignant tumors, It includes lung cancer, melanoma, gastrointestinal cancer and lymphoma with high MSI-H or dmmr-h< br / > lvgn6051 is a xlinkab Gamma The bifunctional cross-linked antibody developed by the platform is an active antibody against CD137CD137 is the stimulation signal of immune killing T cellsLvgn6051 combines CD137 and FC γ riib to activate CD137 signal pathway effectively and enhance the effect of cancer immunotherapyDifferent from the first generation CD137 agonist antibody, lvgn6051 has double specificity for CD137 and FC γ riibThe product will start phase 1 clinical trials in 2019 and enter phase 2 clinical trials in 2021< br / > DrWang Jieyi, CEO of Lijin biology, said: "we are pleased to work with MSD to evaluate the combination of keytruda and our innovative 4-1BB (CD137) agonist antibody lvgn6051CD137 signaling provides key support for CD8 + effector T cells in a complementary manner to PD-1 blockadeWe believe that the combination of lvgn6051 and keytruda has the potential to improve the treatment results of patients with advanced cancer, and is expected to expand the application of cancer immunotherapy" < br / > Lijin biology was founded by DrWang Jieyi in 2016, focusing on the research and development of the world's leading combination therapy of tumor immune activating antibody and cancer immune, in order to improve the long-term survival rate of cancer patientsIn July 2018, Lijin biology completed the B round financing of US $30 million< br / > at present, four innovative antibodies have been applied for clinical application in the worldAmong them, anti-PD-1 humanized monoclonal antibody ssi-361 has authorized Anke biology to develop the Chinese market< br / > it is worth mentioning that recently, Lijin biological Suzhou company officially openedAt present, an early R & D and production center with an area of 2000 square meters has been established in Suzhou The company's headquarters, R & D center and GMP workshop are also under active preparation It is reported that the company plans to rapidly establish more than 10 innovative drug pipelines in the next five years < br / > original title: Lijin biology and MSD have reached a cooperation, keytruda combined with CD137 agonist in the treatment of multiple malignant tumors < br / >
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