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    Limited recovery in demand Rubber prices are weak

    • Last Update: 2022-12-24
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    On Monday, the main force of rubber RU closed at 13785 (+60) yuan / ton, the mixed rubber quotation was 13050 yuan / ton (+75), and the basis of the main contract was -710 yuan / ton (-60); The top 20 main long positions 105397 (-4515), short positions 163480 (-4062), net short positions 58083 (+453).

    NR main closing price of 11545 (+100) yuan / ton, Qingdao Free Trade Zone Thai standard rubber 1825 (+5) US dollars / ton, Malaysian standard rubber 1820 US dollars / ton (+5), Indonesian standard rubber 1885 (0) US dollars / ton


    As of March 4: total stock on the exchange 251204 (+2189), exchange warehouse receipt 241220 (+3970).

    Raw materials: raw film 65.
    19 (0), cup glue 50.
    80 (-0.
    2), glue 69.
    5 (-1), tobacco film 67.
    6 (-0.

    As of March 3, the domestic all-steel tire operating rate was 57.
    48% (+4.
    7%), and the domestic semi-steel tire operating rate was 60.
    39% (+5.

    Yesterday's rubber price fluctuated in a narrow range, and it is still the pattern of mixed rubber water butadiene prices, so the continuous rise of crude oil has no pulling effect
    on natural rubber.
    The price of rubber itself is weak
    due to limited recovery in demand.
    Recently, rubber prices have only stopped falling with the surrounding atmosphere, and the drive of its own fundamentals is insufficient, it is recommended to be cautious, and focus on the delocalization of finished product inventory in downstream tire factories in the later stage, only after the pressure of finished product inventory has eased, there will be a recovery in raw material procurement demand

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