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    Link the whole industry chain of medicine to stimulate the vitality of innovation in the industry

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    On June 9, 2020, the 84th China International Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair (API China API Trade Fair) opened at the Qingdao Expo City International Exhibition CenterAPI China API Api Pharmaceutical Exhibition was founded in 1968, with the Chinese pharmaceutical industry to join hands in the spring and autumn of 52 yearsAPI China API Focused on service pharmaceutical research and development and production, providing a whole industry chain, life cycle product display and technology exchange platform for pharmaceuticals, health nutrition products, and dynamic productsAPI China has now developed into an internationally renowned exhibition based in China and serving the world, and is a platform for Chinese and Asia-Pacific enterprises to purchase products, exchange technologies, understand industry information, and establish and maintain industry contacts.The 84th China Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair grandopening (picture provided by the National Pharmaceutical Reed Exhibition) Early 2020, in the face of the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council led the people of the whole country, united, the people of Chengcheng, the epidemic prevention and control achieved important results, production and living order accelerated recoveryIn the face of the challenges of the epidemic, the medical permenas are fearless and, with their own practical actions, protect the health of the people, ensure supply chain security and ensure the stability of the industrial chainAt present, China's pharmaceutical industry is also accelerating the resumption of work, the scale of enterprises above the rate of re-work of more than 98%"China will step up efforts to supply raw materials, necessities, epidemic prevention materials and other products to the international market," General Secretary Xi Jinping said in an important speech at the G20 leaders' special summit on the response to the new crown pneumoniaEvery Chinese medicine person, is taking practical action to stabilize the global pharmaceutical industry chain supply chain, contribute!
    API China API Api Pharmaceutical Exhibition as a witness and promoter of the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, in this special period, together with the China Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Association, China Chinese Medicine Association, China Biochemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, China Vaccine Industry Association, RDPAC, International Pharmaceutical Accessories Association and dozens of other pharmaceutical industry associations, June 9-11, in Qingdao, Shandong Province, to create a safe, healthy, productive exhibition for the pharmaceutical industry, link the industry chain. The 84th China Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair (Picture provided by Guo pharma Reed Exhibition) The theme of API China is "Link the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, stimulate the innovation vitality of the industry, and position the new future of Chinese pharmaceutical industry"In response to the global complex and changing environment, Chinese medicine people have always adhered to the concept of "in the crisis to breed new machines, in the change of the situation to open up innovation", so that difficulties become the opportunity of innovators, so that the times become the stage of the struggleJune 9-11, more than 400 api, more than 100 pharmaceutical accessories enterprises, more than 180 pharmaceutical packaging enterprises, more than 200 pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, more than 4000 demand-side enterprises gathered in Qingdao, face-to-face exchange of information, efficient link supply chain industry chain, grasp the industry letter business opportunitiesFor the first time, the exhibition will show new technologies and products in the field of pharmaceutical research and development and production to tens of thousands of pharmaceutical colleagues around the world who are unable to attend because of the outbreakMore than 100 pharmaceutical industry experts will share cutting-edge knowledge and information with pharmaceutical professionals around the world through the API China Pharmaceuticals PlatformAPI China is willing to work with all pharmaceutical colleagues to position the new future of Chinese pharmaceutical.
    Pharmaceutical raw materials drug exhibition , the source of the dream of the beginning, the future with generic drug consistency evaluation and co-review and approval policies, preparation enterprises as the person in charge of drug quality, will pay more attention to product quality improvement, deepen cooperation with the original auxiliary package suppliers At the same time, environmental protection and safety production requirements continue to improve, but also the entire pharmaceutical industry chain put forward higher requirements More than 400 API leaders, represented by Guopharma Group, Tianpharma Group, Shandong Xinhua, Qilu Pharmaceuticals, Guobang Pharmaceuticals, Huahai Pharmaceuticals, Disha Pharmaceuticals and Erkang Pharmaceuticals, will gather in Qingdao with their traditional advantages and new varieties of new research and development.
    Natural extracts dominate china's pharmaceutical industry among the products with fast export growth The exhibition natural extract area for domestic and foreign preparations, health care products, food, veterinary pharmaceutical enterprises, bringing together the mainstream of more than 80 domestic and foreign extract production enterprises They will bring new natural extract products and market information to downstream buyers.
    According to API China API API API plate person in charge of the environment, safety production requirements continue to improve the environment, the entire pharmaceutical API, intermediates, pharmaceutical and chemical industry chain is facing huge challenges However, the exhibition in the field of API exhibition number and exhibition scale still maintained a high level, but also from a side reflects the industry colleagues in the aftermath of the outbreak to expand business opportunities of the urgent need "Source dream heart, material creation of the future", welcome the vast number of pharmaceutical colleagues June 9-11 to visit the Qingdao Expo City International Exhibition Center, with more than 400 Chinese api, intermediates, pharmaceutical chemicals, extracts enterprises face-to-face exchanges, to explore China's pharmaceutical industry api, natural extracts in the field of new trends and new opportunities. The 84th China Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair (Picture provided by The National Pharmaceutical Reed Exhibition) Pharmaceutical Accessories Exhibition , The Ingenious Quality of Medicine with oral solid preparations, injections consistency evaluation work, "preparation process requirements high", "high evaluation cost", "time is tight" and other issues become a difficult problem facing pharmaceutical companies.
    China International Pharmaceutical Accessories/Functional Food Ingredients Exhibition (PHARMEX Ingredients Show) is dedicated to providing solutions for Chinese pharmaceutical companies to efficiently and quickly pass consistency evaluations This exhibition has more than 100 accessories enterprises exhibiting, Hunan Erkang, Dalian Yejian, Ashland, Merck, Qingdao Yiqing, Yunhong pharmaceutical auxiliary and other domestic and foreign leading enterprises, will carry more than a thousand kinds of pharmaceutical accessories registration number of products debut On June 9-10, the seminar on the technology and regulations for the consistency evaluation of injection/oral solid preparations, and the seminar on the implementation of the policy for the joint review and approval of IPEC (China) pharmaceutical accessories will provide solutions for Chinese pharmaceutical companies to efficiently and quickly pass consistency evaluation and safeguard the global coverage of China's pharmaceutical layout.  The 84th China Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair (Picture provided by Guopharma Reed Exhibition) Pharmaceutical Packaging Museum, Innovation Drive, according to experts, the size of China's pharmaceutical packaging market will exceed 60 billion yuan by 2021 As the Asian Pharmaceutical Packaging Exhibition - China International Pharmaceutical Packaging Exhibition (PHARMPACK Pharmaceutical Packaging Exhibition), which lasted more than 30 years, has become the Asian pharmaceutical enterprises selected pharmaceutical packaging brand event This year's pharmaceutical packaging exhibition will be "smart packaging, innovation drive" as the theme, the launch of "new environment, new technology, new packaging - 2020 pharmaceutical packaging innovation and development forum" and other series of thematic activities, Chongqing Zhengchuan, Jinmei packaging, four-star glass, Taiji printing, Reynolds, Hebei Oak 1 180 A number of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical packaging production enterprises will display more than 1000 plastic packaging, packaging printing, pharmaceutical plugs, bottle caps, aluminum foil aluminum plastic, injection packaging materials and other products, for pharmaceutical, health care products, cosmetics, food, veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide professional, comprehensive and convenient one-stop packaging procurement platform and complete packaging solutions. The 84th China Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair (Picture provided by Guo pharmaceutical Reed Exhibition) Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition , Technological creation, In recent years, China Pharmaceuticals towards China's "smart" medicine, as a professional equipment product display platform for serving China's pharmaceutical field, China International Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition"), bringing together more than 200 leading pharmaceutical equipment enterprises at home and abroad Jiangsu Sideli, Jiangsu Huada, Wuxi Zhanghua, Chongqing Patek, Shanghai San Irrigation, Liaohe pharmaceutical machine and other leading enterprises in the industry will bring new products to the exhibition During the exhibition, will also launch a series of theme activities, such as "Api equipment tour", for exhibitors to provide opportunities for the participation of thousands of pharmaceutical and API manufacturers with quality managers, equipment procurement personnel and business executives face-to-face exchanges.
    Gathering the sound of knowledge, the power of the transfer technology in early 2020 sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia, for all walks of life pressed the "pause button." Pharmaceutical people retrograde, with their own practical actions, to protect the people's health, ensure supply chain security, ensure the stability of the industrial chain This year API China invited more than 100 industry experts, through the offline combination of a new way, held more than 20 high-quality high-level conference forums to discuss the current environment of industry hot topics The conference covered similarity-based consistency evaluation, injection re-evaluation, co-review and approval, new drug research and development, MAH, product projects, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical engineering and cleanliness, quality control, intelligent manufacturing, green pharmaceutical, environmental protection, animal health care, pharmaceutical packaging innovation, new trends in the global pharmaceutical industry and other hot topics! The API China exhibition has been the China Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Association, China Biochemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, China Chinese Medicine Association, China Vaccine Industry Association, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, International Pharmaceutical Accessories Association, China Pharmaceutical Business Association, RDPAC, Shandong Province Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Qingdao Municipal Government, West Coast New District Government, China Railway Expo City International Exhibition Center Health Network, First Chemical, Chemical State and other partners also held a number of high-quality conference activities at the same time.
    Starlight does not ask to catch the passer-by, time is not to bear the struggle The 84th China International Pharmaceutical API China Fair was held at this special period, which is not only a gas station to boost the confidence of the entire pharmaceutical industry, but also the starting point for the transformation and upgrading of the industry under the new situation Together, win the future We are willing to work with the Chinese pharmaceutical industry to strengthen confidence, energy, gather the strength of unity and struggle, link the pharmaceutical industry chain, stimulate the industry innovation vitality, focus on quality and innovation, adhere to the faith and the beginning, jointly open a new journey of Chinese pharmaceutical, positioning the new future of Chinese pharmaceutical!
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