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    Liu Wei, chairman of Zhangzhou Old Cellar, talks about the development of 2020: to improve production capacity and talent, lead China's liquor to the world

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Luzhou old cellar is a leading enterprise of Liquor, with the liquor industry to fully lift the "policy dividend" landing, the new year, Luzhou to create "hundreds of billions of white wine industry" and "world-class liquor industry cluster", the old liquor benchmark enterprise Suzhou old cellar will achieve high-quality development? On January 2, 2020, at the conference on the promotion of high-quality development of the liquor industry, Liu Wei, chairman of The Old Cellar Stakes company of Zhangzhou, made an exchange speech on the goals and development direction of The Old Cellar sinofa in Zhangzhou 2020production capacity, grasp quality, lead the development of high-quality wineLiu Wei, chairman of The Old Cellar stakes company of Zhangzhou, said that in the new year , Luzhou Old Cellar will accelerate the promotion of major projects in the fields of production capacity upgrading, organic brewing, quality traceability and energy conservation and environmental protection, the introduction of big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies into the liquor production chain, supply chain, sales chain, leading and promoting the "intelligence" of wine enterprises."to expand production capacity advantagesLuzhou old cellar adhering to organic brewing and solid-state brewing, built the country's largest organic sorghum base, the national cellar 1573 became the only organic strong liquorTwice won the "Sichuan Quality Award", and won the "National Quality Trust Products" "National Liquor Industry Quality Leading Brand" and many other honors, has become the national liquor quality and safety traceability system construction of the first pilot unitsIn 2020, the old cellar in Zhangzhou will promote the construction of the Huang Wine Making Eco-Park at full speedIn terms of scale, efficiency and contribution ability, we will create another old cellar in Luzhouto expand the quality advantageConstantly improve quality standards, increase the quality of tracing, adhere to the solid-state brewing of pure grain, with excellent quality, stable taste and better service to continuously consolidate and enhance the quality of the Ganzhou production area reputationto expand the technical advantages, to enhance the company's scientific research innovation capabilities, results transformation capacity and resource integration capacity, the quality of technical advantages fully translated into competitive advantage, with industry-leading quality standards, technical standards and innovation strength to lead the high-quality development of liquorbuild a world-class cultural landscape, enhance the brand height,lead Chinese liquor to the worldLiu Wei said, Zhangzhou old cellar is the founder of the rich incense culture, the standard-maker and the spreader of the strong fragrance skills, is a veritable "strong fragrance ancestor", with "national key cultural relics protection unit" the first batch of "national intangible cultural heritage list" "double national treasure" as the core of cultural resources, with the number of cultural relics and the first category of cultural resourcesLiu Wei,of the , said that around the overall requirements of the city of Ganzhou to build a production area brand and China's liquor ecological civilization demonstration area, Zhangzhou Old Cellar will make every effort to innovate cultural expression, accelerate the construction of the National Cellar Cultural Tourism Park, strengthen the radiation and convergence of consumers, investors, wine culture enthusiasts throughout the country, promote the integration of cultural travel, and build a world-class cultural landscape on the Yangtze River economic beltat the same time, to dig deep cultural resources, take the lead in establishing and perfecting the protection mechanism of wine cultural material and intangible cultural heritage, and constantly comb, summarize and improve the cultural heritage resources of the old cellar of Luzhou, forming a treasure trove of cultural resources with clear genealogy, complete veins and rich connotations, with the old cellar as the carrier to show the world the profound connotation of the Ganzhou production area in the brand publicity and cultural construction, will also increase the publicity of the representative cultural elements of the wine city of Luzhou, vigorously excavate and integrate the unique customs, skills, operas, works, attractions, celebrities, anecdotes and other cultural resources, the "wine to the city name, the city to wine" story to tell deep, talk through, speak well will also make every effort to raise the brand height All along, Luzhou old cellar brand focus on "double brand, three productlines, five products" brand system National Cellar 1573 will strengthen the leadership, set a benchmark, increase the pull, firmly embark on the "new billion" journey; to increase talent incentives, optimize the talent structure, to build industry professionals high-level Liu Wei said, in The old cellar co., Ltd in Zhangzhou "one two three four five" development strategy, talent resources to achieve one of the five leading With the gradual landing of the supporting policies for the future industrial adjustment, the talents will provide strong intellectual support for the innovative development and the breakthrough of the old cellar in Zhangzhou Therefore, Luzhou old cellar will be 2020 as the "talent promotion year." Liu Wei said that the old cellar in Zhangzhou will focus on the goal of talent promotion, further increase talent selection and incentive efforts for the development of the wine industry in Zhangzhou City to cultivate and reserve outstanding professionals, specifically: increase talent incentives Zhangzhou old cellar will speed up the exploration and establishment of industry, market-aligned performance appraisal, compensation management and scientific incentive mechanism, to encourage and guide all staff sprint hard work, jump up and down Optimize the talent structure, on the basis of the orderly expansion of all kinds of talent sized at all levels, and vigorously optimize the talent structure and improve the quality of talents The old cellar of Luzhou mainly produces and sells "strong fragrant wine" national cellar 1573, "strong fragrant authentic" Luzhou old cellar special song, "business elite wine" Luzhou old cellar old wine and "white wine mass consumption of the first brand" first song, second song and other products, the current Ganzhou old cellar sales network throughout the world 50 countries or regions at the same time, in the sales, Luzhou old cellar will focus on cultivating the backbone of marketing grass-roots management capable of bringing soldiers to war, taking the lead in attacking; Excellent culture, excellent skills of artisan masters and technicians, in major projects, focus on the cultivation of intelligent, mechanized, automated production requirements of new skilled personnel, in the industrial expansion, focus on the cultivation of the company in the future capital operation and industrial expansion in advance layout, surprisingly winning high-end financial and industrial talent Source: Sichuan Online
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