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    Local health insurance catalog adjustment accelerates, drug industry crisis comes

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamic" Recently, Guangxi Medical Insurance Bureau issued a notice, in accordance with the 2019 version of the national medical insurance catalog adjustment rules, is now 44 traditional Chinese medicine and 148 Western medicine from June 1 out of the province's health insurance catalog, the original Guangxi medical insurance drug payment within the scope of the provisions of the increase in drugs in 3 years gradually digestedand some drugs were required to implement a limited payment in accordance with the 2019 drug catalog, reducing the use of clinical indications and removing a small number of drug-reimbursed dosage formsin fact, this time Guangxi adjusted the health insurance directory, but the local addition of medical insurance varieties digesting accelerated a representativeOn August 20, 2019, the State Health Insurance Administration officially issued the 2019 edition of the National Health Insurance Directory, which states in the "Clear Local Authority" that "all localities shall strictly implement the Drug Catalog, and shall not make their own catalogues or use alternative methods to increase the scope of payment of drugs in the catalogue," and may not adjust the limited payment scope of drugs in the catalogueFor the original provincial drug catalogue in accordance with the provisions of the increase of Class B drugs, should be in three years in accordance with the provinces to increase the number of 40%, 40%, 20% of the pace of transferIn the process of digestion, the provinces shall give priority to the adjustment of the scope of payment of drugs that are included in the scope of national key monitoring"and under the guidance of the policy, so far, Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Sichuan, Anhui and other 15 provinces and cities have adjusted the local health insurance directoryIn March of this year, Jiangxi Province issued the "Jiangxi Province transitional retention of the drug catalog." According to the catalogue, Jiangxi Province will implement the deployment requirements of the State Medical Insurance Administration on "for the number of Class B drugs added in the original provincial drug catalogue, which should be gradually digested within three years" and make working arrangements for the retention of drugs during the transition period in the provincefrom the list, clear transitional retention includes, beyond the "National New Edition Directory" of 22 Western medicine, 46 traditional Chinese medicine, the implementation of more than the "National New Edition Directory" of drugs of medical insurance, work injury payment fund special managementThe remaining medicines are deleted or listed at their own expenseIt is worth noting that the state's key monitoring drugs must be withdrawn from the catalogue at one time, a total of 275 drugsin fact, the adjustment of the local directory has entered a substantial phase after the 2019 edition of the National Health Insurance Directory is officially publishedIt is expected that more provinces will be expected to implement the implementation of the State Health Insurance Administration "gradually digesting provincial supplementary drugs within three years", and drug transfer, supplementary health insurance catalog will also become the industry's normalit is worth noting that at present, in addition to the adjustment of the health insurance catalog, the country is now also promoting the "4 plus 7" volume procurement, focus on monitoring reasonable drug catalog and other measures While generics have been priced lower under the influence of volume purchases, many new and innovative drugs are also racing to cut prices in an effort to get into health care However, with the current adjustment of the medical insurance catalog, the future medical market drug pattern will also change somewhat some analysts pointed out that although there is a three-year buffer period for local catalog adjustment, the relevant pharmaceutical companies can only continue to adjust their marketing strategies to promote consistency evaluation or focus on research and development innovation in the future pharmaceutical market In the future, pharmaceutical companies need to increase innovation efforts, continue to carry out drug research and development, and constantly produce more innovative drugs in order to be invincible in the market.
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