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    Long prescription policy release, a batch of drugs or usher in incremental expectations

    • Last Update: 2020-07-15
    • Source: Internet
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    Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis) Long-term prescription is suitable for patients with chronic diseases with clear clinical diagnosis, stable drug regimen, good compliance, stable disease control, and long-term drug treatmentRecently, the Hainan Provincial Health and Health Commission issued "on the issuance of Hainan Province medical institutions long-term prescription management norms (trial) and Hainan Province long-term prescription drug catalog (trial) notice." After combing, a total of 137 varieties were included in Hainan Province's long-term prescription drug catalog, involving high blood pressure, diabetes, blood lipid abnormalities, copble, chronic kidneys, stroke, chronic prostate, chronic heart failure, other commonly used chronic diseases 9 drugsthe author notes that among these 137 varieties, there are many national collections, such as atovastatin, acapolsugar, clopidogrel, ebesatin and so onAt the same time also included a number of commonly used large varieties, such as insulin, budinide, metformin and so onIn addition, some new drugs such as Rosasta are includedIn accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Long-Term Prescriptions in Medical Institutions in Hainan Province (Trial), physicians who issue long-term prescriptions and the medical institutions in which they are located shall have the level of capacity and equipment and facilities to assess the diseases suffered by patients, so as to ensure the quality and safety of long-term drug useIf the primary medical institution does not have the corresponding conditions, it may be issued under the guidance of the qualified higher medical institution through telemedicine and other passagesPatients who use long-term prescriptions should sign up a family doctor's contract with their community's primary health care provider and have an agreement for the duration of the agreementthe Code requires that long-term prescriptions should be prescribed in accordance with the needs of patients, in order to ensure the quality of medical care and medical safety, the amount of prescriptions should be determinedLong-term prescriptions are generally over 4 weeks and must not exceed 12 weeksThe number of prescriptions for long-term prescriptions for the first visit shall not exceed 4 weeks, and the number of prescriptions for the first visit may be extended to less than 12 weeks after a rigorous assessment by the visiting physicianat the same time, when the first long-term prescription is issued, the hospital at the primary level or above of the primary health care institution contracted by the patient's family doctor shall be issued by a physician qualified for a professional and technical post at or above the intermediate level in a profession related to disease diagnosis and treatmentWhen a long-term prescription is issued again, it may be issued in a medical institution or other medical institution where the patient's family doctor is contracted, in accordance with the principle of proximity, accessibility and accessibilityalso make it clear that after a long-term prescription is issued by a physician, the patient can choose to administer the medicine at a medical institution or a social retail pharmacyin accordance with China's "on the current chronic disease long-term prescription management notice", encourage the combination of local reality, the formulation and improvement of long-term prescription management policies for chronic disease patients, clear long-term prescription of the disease catalog, drug range, management system, safety notice and other requirements, reduce the number of patients taking drugs Medical institutions should take effective measures to meet the medical service needs of patients with chronic diseases who need long-term drug use (including narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs and other special drugs), hemodialysis and other special treatment, and may prescribe relevant drugs for up to 12 weeks at a time for patients with chronic diseases who are stable at a time; in accordance with the new requirements of the National Health and Safety Commission, encourage all regions to clear the long-term prescription of the disease catalogue, drug range and management system, which also means that more provinces and cities will be issued long prescription drug catalog in the industry's view, long-term prescription policy is conducive to increasing compliance with drug use, including long-prescribed drugs or ushering in incremental expectations, with the spread of long-prescription policies, as well as the promotion of graded treatment policies, prescription subsidence accelerated, or release a positive signal of prescription outflow Although most of the long prescriptions remain in hospitals, but from the trend, drug companies, pharmacies need to actively adjust their strategies to seize this wave of market dividends.
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